It’s the day before Christmas and you’re out of creative ideas for wrapping. We’ve all been there, trust. Luckily, Photojojo is here to save the day again. These 35mm film bows not only look awesome, but they kick any ol’ regular bow’s ribbon-y ass. For camera geeks and non camera geeks alike, anyone will love this awesomely crafted gift decor.




What you need:
- Film negatives (each bow will use 6 standard sized strips about 6”



What you do:


- Take pictures and develop your photos! But if you already have negatives lying around, then you don’t need to go purchase them (perfect!). You can also give your favorite friendly local film developers a call and see if they have any cast offs or abandoned negatives that were never picked up.



- To make each petal you’ll want a strip of double sided tape around 1″ long. Stick it down ⅛” from the short edge of your negative strip, remove the backing, then bend the strip over so the edges are even with the tape sandwiched between them. Squeeze it to make sure the adhesive sticks. Repeat until you have 5 pieces.



- Make the flower shape with the five petals.  One at a time, add a piece of double sided tape near the flat end of a petal, remove the tape’s backing, then stack another piece on top.
Tip: each petal will need to be less than 90 degrees from the previous one in order for all five to fit evenly.



- Now for that last lonely negative strip. Cut it down to a shorter size, about 5″, then use another strip of double sided tape, but this time make a circle instead of a petal. Add one last strip of tape to middle of your flower, and press the round piece down on it.



- Finally, stick it on top of your gift and admire your shiny creation. Ta-dow.
- You can also get even more creative and make adorable minis with just parts of your negatives or use different types of film (like black and white) for different colors of bows.



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