5 Guys, One Burger

May 21st, 2011 | My 2Sence, Food

Okay so FIRST OF ALL, please do not leave me any comments on how In-N-Out completely owns Five Guys because:

  1. I will not listen to you
  2. Comparing In-N-Out to Five Guys is like comparing Modern Family to The Office. They’re both mockumentaries but are awesome for completely different reasons
  3. In-N-Out is fast food, Five Guys is a restaurant
  4. I’m right, you’re wrong
  5. They’re both undeniably delicious…why can’t we just high five and get on with it?

So now that that’s out of the way…let’s get on to the disgusting heavenly goodness that is Five Guys burgers. Five Guys offers 16 toppings to choose from…and here’s the kicker: they’re all FREE. You can either go with EVERYTHING/ALL THE WAY and get all the toppings in BLACK on your burger (or hot dog…but let’s face it you’re there for the burgers), or get a little deliciously deranged and ask for all the toppings. I’ve been to Five Guys a total of three times. The first time, I got everything. I was excited but hesitant at first because of all the ridiculous notions stating that In-N-Out had better burgers. But as I bit into that soft, buttery patty, I knew right then that I had made the right choice. The toppings miraculously do not overpower the meat but instead provide a perfect symmetry of tastegasms.


Such a boring sign, I would’ve never guessed such epicness would be waiting inside

Try their fries!! (they also have FREE peanuts)

Omg I want you inside of me

The second and third time I went, which was this past weekend, I got all the wayWARNING: Do not be fooled by their menu! I thought everything meant all the toppings shown in black and all the way meant ALL FRIGGIN TOPPINGS (red and black). Apparently I was wrong. So as of right now I still have yet to taste the succulent coma-inducing monster that is the burger with all the toppings. Everything/All the way still doesn’t make sense to me but I shall forgive them for their carelessness with words for I am indebted to their scrupulous attention to scrumptiousness.

In-N-Out devotees can suck it while I suck on some awesome burgers,


P.S. I love you, In-N-Out, don’t hate me.


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  1. Amanda says:

    LOL!! Omg I loved this article!!! :)
    and yup, now I have to try this place. You had me at the picture of the burger, fries, and drink. HELLO!

  2. maggie says:

    so0 that looks so unhealthy yet delicious! :)

  3. Kimly says:

    I still have yet to eat there before. You better join me when you are home! :)

  4. Kira says:

    I work there! And it’s cool to see people are blogging about it. You also blogged about Dia whom I have loved for years! Meg & Dia is my absolute favorite band. So this blog seems to be right up my alley lol. But you’re right the menu can confuse people even though it looks about as simple as it gets. I’ve pretty much gone pro at giving the Five Guys run down seeing as our store opened less than a year ago and we get A LOT of first timers lol. But I’m pretty much addicted to their burgers even though I eat there alllllll the time. The peanuts though…are a pain in my butt to sweep up! Literary takes forever lol. So to whoever reads this, please keep me from going insane and do not throw the shells on the floor?!

  5. tsence says:

    Thanks! Dude you like five guys and Meg and Dia…we should be best friends. Ok, so a few questions: Is All the Way really the same as Everything? Why are there two names? What must I say to get both all of the red and black toppings? You will be our savior. :)

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