A Hipster Holiday Miracle

December 27th, 2011 | Reviews, Music

  We hope your weekend was filled with all sorts of holiday goodness. Ours was, but it was only made magically delicious because of these precious presents of the free music kind: Some of our favorite artists released free music over the past couple of days, and if you hadn’t had a listen in on any of these, your ears have been sadly deprived.  
  The Weeknd – “Echoes of Silence” (download or stream)   Though I have consistently been a bigger fan of The Weeknd’s remixes over his original tuneage (see Trust Issues and Shake It Out), The Weeknd is The Freakin’ Weeknd, and his voice alone makes my pants fall off faster than a maxed out Ferrari. This third and final part of his trilogy of epic free mixtapes (which will be all be remastered and officially released together with bonus features some time next year) is the darkest one of all, combining the strengths of his prior mixtapes, House of Balloons and Thursday, into one awesome (and cohesive) production. I mean, if The Weeknd can produce three mixtapes of this caliber in the span of the past nine months for free, we’re willing to bet world domination is on his agenda for 2012, and we can’t wait.  
  Anthony Green – “Beautiful December” (download)   This EP features five acoustic songs, and was the highly anticipated and final surprise of Anthony’s 25 Days of December. (Go check out the rest of his 24 surprises, complete with song meaning videos and exclusive live videos – it’s a pretty sweet idea). We’ve always loved Green’s distinctive voice (since the Saosin days), and acoustically speaking, he gives a raw, emotional performance on every single track. Plus, we just can’t ignore the epic cover art, complete with a Santa with a handlebar mustache – doesn’t get more hipster holiday than that. His full album, Beautiful Things, will be released on January 17. You can be sure we will be all over that.  
  Lykke Li – “The Lost Sessions Vol. 1″ (download)   Demos of “I Follow Rivers,” ” Jerome,” and “Youth Knows No Pain” off her latest album “Wounded Rhymes.” Basically, I have a thing for demo versions of songs, perhaps it’s because I love knowing how songs start out, or because they make me feel closer to the artist (if that makes any sense). These stripped down versions do just that as we witness Lykke Li in all her stripped down glory. Here’s to hoping for a volume 2.  
  The XX – “Open Eyes (demo)”   Merry XXmas to us. We’ve all been not-so-patiently waiting for new music from this duo, and the release of this demo shot so much excitement through our veins, you would have thought we were kids on Christmas…I mean, we were, so…ha. This super simplistic track is classic XX aka amazingness, and if the demo is this good, we can only imagine the epicness of their upcoming album. Warn the angel choir..we’ll be needing them on that day.   Now go get your free music on, Melissa

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