A Minor Bird

April 10th, 2012 | Reviews, Music


Don’t be fooled by the album cover folks, this ain’t your average candy pop Katy Perry record. A Minor Bird, my dears, contains the oh so diabetes inducing-ly sweet, angelic voice of Stacy King (maiden name DuPree). Yes, she is not only the lead singer in Sucré but she is also one of the vocalists in the indie rock band, Eisley. Of course, Sucré’s sound is very much different sans DuPree siblings (the harmonies are surely missed), but fear not, those who are long-time Eisley fans will not be disappointed.


 We know we’ve posted this music video, but it’s SO good, we can’t help but make you all watch it as many times as we can.


Playful. Whimsical. Ethereal. A Minor Bird is the soundtrack to the cinema of Spring.  Their opening track, ‘Hiding Out,’ sounds like an anthem of dandelions (if they could speak, or rather, sing). The rest of the album is just as stunning, with King’s sweet/soft/simple vocals complemented by hubby Darren King’s wistful drums and Jeremy Larson’s beautifully ornate strings. The album consists many catchy melodies, but what sets Sucré apart from many bands in the scene today is how unique they sound. Larson’s incredible talent to play any kind of instrument and make it sound absolutely breathtaking is definitely KEY to the trio’s success. They’ve sure as hell got a musical battalion armed and ready to take over the world, and I personally cannot wait till that happens.


Favey faves: Light Up, Chemical Reaction


You can stream the album on HelloGiggles (one of our favorite websites) or buy the album here.

If you’re in LA, don’t forget to go to the album release party this Thursday at Bootleg Bar. You know we’ll be there! Buy your tickets here.


You stole my heart,




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