It’s no joke when we say we seriously wish we could rewind time and go back to living in the days of cassette tapes, roller disco, and awesome hair. But since we can’t pull a Marty McFly and travel through time (yet), we’ll just have to settle with our daily flashbacks of better times and bring a little retro into 2013 the TS way.



 We’re pretty sure that no bowling alley has ever looked as good as this one did when Lera walked through its doors. (Special thanks to Linbrook Bowl for letting us shoot there!)



Seriously, though. Let’s not deny it: we’d all love to be that bowling ball.



Lera pulling off her best I’m-bowling-and-I’m sexy look for the camera.



Our man Vu getting down and dirty for that picture perfect shot.



If we could live this retro life 24/7, we totally would.



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