Thanksgiving is over and other than repeating “I’ll go on a diet tomorrow” or finding yourself reaching for those yoga pants, we compiled a list of productive things for you to do on Black Friday. Let’s get your post-gobble on:



1.Take out the shopping crowds. Get those elbows ready for major people nudging and those feet prepped for shin kicking because you’re not going down on a Black Friday sale without a good fight.



2.Thanksgiving leftovers for one. There is no shame in eating pumpkin pie for breakfast, turkey for lunch, and all the biscuits for dinner. Someone’s got to eat the leftovers and we don’t mind being the sole contributor to eating our weight in Thanksgiving leftovers. Just repeat: diets don’t exist on holidays.



3. Movie marathoning. That couch and TV in the living room will be your best friends on Black Friday. If you’re not into braving the scary shopping crowds, compile some of your favorite movies (or TV shows) and binge watch. Pop some popcorn and grab a cup of hot chocolate, and your Black Friday can be all about maximum coziness and laziness.



4. Online shopping. Avoid in-store chaos and mall parking lot madness by just shopping at the comfort of your bed. Our 30% off sitewide sale looks pretty good right now, huh? :)


5. Pub crawl. Minus the Black Friday crazy shoppers, doing a pub crawl still has the perks of excitement and holiday fun. Grab a few drinking partners and make the rounds at a couple pubs. Drink and be merry.




6. Be a bookworm. Not into shopping or the usual festivities? Curl up with a book and a cozy blanket next to a warm fire. We’re all about lounging around on Black Friday and escaping into a good read.




7. Game-a-thon. While the rest of the country is at the mall, gather the relatives that you may still have around the house and host a game-a-thon day or night. What’s a more-than-appropriate setting for screaming relatives than putting them against each other during a face-to-face battle of Pictionary or being out-danced by your 8-year-old cousin during Just Dance? Let the hilarity ensue.


Good luck & have fun!


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