Earlier this week, we went to El Rey Theater (yes, again) to see Bombay Bicycle Club. I was so tired from going to Magic Marketplace that I left my driver’s license at home and my tickets were on will call. Fortunately, a text photo of my ID sufficed, after about an hour of my mother not being able to figure out how to do that. HA. I digress. Bombay was phenomenal, The Darcy’s opened in a short but very sweet set, Lucy Rose opened AND played with them (you guys should seriously consider her joining on full-time. :) Basically, I’ve just become president of the Bomby Bicycle (fan) Club.  
Highlights:   - Bombay Bicycle Club sounding exactly, if not better, than they do recorded - British accents, even though I had no idea what they were saying #whocares  
  - Clap-happy and sing-a-long crowd, but in the good way, of course - Playing tracks off their first album plus my favorite new tracks  
  - Lucy Rose joining them on stage - Encore-ing with “Shuffle” (if you can remember, this song was highlighted here #Shamelessplug) - Getting the set list – this time it was the lighting kid’s so it’s fully complete with his notes #score  
(complete set list: How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep / Your Eyes / Bad Timing / Open House / Dust on the Ground / Leave It / Lights Out, Words Gone / Rinse Me Down / Ivy & Gold / Evening/Morning / Cancel on Me / Lamplight / Beggars / Magnet / What You Want / Always Like This / The Giantess > Emergency Contraception Blues Encore: Shuffle / What If)  
  -“I hope it was worth the wait, because it was worth it for us.” Oh, having to wait this long to pop my seeing-Bombay-Bicycle-Club-live cherry was well worth it.   Weight is coming off, Soaring high, Melissa    

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