Brewed to Perfection

February 2nd, 2013 | Media, Art


We knew we lovedĀ Paste Magazine for a reason. These beer labels should be in existence, like right now. After all, they do combine our two favorite things on the planet – beer and bands. Can you even imagine? Listening to Jeff Mangum and sipping on a Neutral Milk Stout Hotel, life couldn’t possibly taste better than that (unless you were actually having a stout WITH Jeff, then that’s a whole other story). So yeah, we may just have to print these out ourselves and use them, they’re too good to go to waste.











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  1. Christine says:

    Even better thing about Paste is that they also brew some pretty great beer! Check out the brewery – Wild Heaven. Nick Purdy is co-owner and one of the 3 Paste Founders!

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