June 21st, 2012 | Food



An epic graduation calls for an epic feast with plenty of goat cheese and wine (or beer), and that is exactly what we had in Los Gatos, CA last weekend. On the outside, Cin-Cin Wine Bar looks like a complete dud but once you walk in it’s like you’ve been transported to some swanky, awesome and totally un-snobby restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. Just be prepared to dish out your wallet like the fate of the world depended on your satiated taste buds, ’cause it’s totes worth it.



Korean tacos – total nomz on that bulgogi and kimchi



Goat cheese whipped potatoes – need I say more? Like clouds of whipped awesomeness.



Braised beef short rib w/ horseradish creme fraiche, marinated beets, cabbage, goat cheese whipped potatoes….so good that PETA would approve



Albondigas, aka the most awesome meatballs you’ll ever eat – an orchestra of flavor, if you will.



South Carolina style pulled pork sliders – SC knows wussup



CRISPY GOAT CHEESE – apricot, pear, and currant mustarda + arugula + spiced walnuts = sweet, sweet heaven AND THEN SOME



Wild mushroom empanadas – maybe the best mushroom anything we’ve ever had



Finished off with a refreshingly sweet Italian Job cocktail


It seems almost as if the owners of Cin-Cin inceptioned into my brain and found all the foods I would ever want to eat and placed it on their menu. Except they made the food a bajillion times better and added hella goat cheese to everything, which is way more than I could ever dream of.


Cin-ing never felt so good,



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  1. Maggie says:

    Seriously, I think I might have drooled reading your post! Congratulations on graduating.

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