It’s no secret here that we love beer, especially around this year (Thanksgiving is the best time to give thanks to our favorite drink, don’t you think?). So when the guys of Cismontane Brewing Company opened their doors to us and showed us around their world of beer-making, we were excited to say the least. Getting to walk around, smell the glorious aroma of beers, see their homegrown vines of hops, and talk about our favorite beverage was beyond awesome. We also got to ask David, one of the brewers at Cismontane Brewing, a few questions as he walked us around. Continue on for a little beer talk…

What is your favorite style of beer and why?

That’s a hard question. That’s like asking what type of music or your favorite band is so I’m going to go with.. I think there is a time and place for almost every beer. If it’s, you know, a hot day out I’ll want like a Pilsner or something easy to drink. Something I could maybe have 5 or 6 of. If it’s just I’m stressed out and I need a beer after work, whatever it is, maybe a double IPA. So, yeah, that’s it.

How did you get started in the brewing industry?
At first it was a hobby, my dad was a home brewer and then I became a home brewer. At the same time I was working in the culinary industry being a cook, then eventually a chef and then the company I was working for, Haven, decided to buy a brewery and they wanted me to be their brew master. So when I was their chef, I kept feeding them my home brew and so I guess it was a natural choice for them to be like “okay this is a guy we already know is awesome and so lets give him a chance.”

So does that mean you cook for everyone here too?
(laughs) Sometimes.

Do you remember the first time you drank a beer and what kind it was?
Yes, I totally remember and it was disgusting. The story is my next door neighbor, I was just a kid.. My next door neighbor his friend was over, actually his brother’s friend was over and they were older and me and the next door neighbor kid were looking through his car and there was a 6 pack of warm Coors light and so we stole one and ran off and drank it. I don’t think we finished it we were just disgusted.

What do you think is one of the biggest misconceptions about beer?
Maybe that all brewers have beards and are fat.

What is your favorite beer and food pairing?
Barley wine and a stinky blue cheese. It’s an amazing combination.

What is your favorite thing about working at a brewery?
We just have so much fun. And we joke around. I still get excited today when it’s a brew day and I have to wake up at 5:30 in the morning to be here at 6. And just, all the smells, dropping in all the hops and all the grain. And the finished product, when you get to watch people enjoy your beer and it just makes you proud.

And the last question, why is local beer better?
Well fresh is always better. Freshest ingredients and when you get fresh beer it’s like no other. Even the best beers in the world have to travel and they kind of just change with age. Some better, some worse. I mean, always support your local brewery.

Brew Me Up Scotty,
Teresa & Athena


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