Crop Talk

May 1st, 2014 | Style, Fashion

We’re convinced that anyone can pull off the crop top — it all comes down to styling and confidence. Whether you’re the crop top queen or are testing the waters for the first time, our Crop Talk collection features the cropped essentials you need to make this style work for you. To begin, pick your level of crop top experience, and work your way up as you own each level. In no time, you’ll be rocking the crop top with the best of ‘em.

Novice: Discreetly show it off with a sheer top

To ease into the realm of crop tops, show a slit of skin under a sheer top. It’s like wearing a crop top, only you’ll still feel safe. The lace or mesh will act as a security blanket, and you’ll still get that cropped aesthetic. Win-win!

Ease in with a peek at the midriff

Now that you’ve conquered the sheer crop, try a little peek of skin at the midriff. A flowy high-low top is a definite essential for this phase — you can keep it covered except for a little slit at the front. Still safe, but we’re making progress!

Intermediate: Create balance with high-waisted bottoms

We’re definitely in crop territory now. Show off your midriff by pairing high-waisted bottoms with your crop top, giving you a little extra coverage while still showing a full section of midriff. If you’re still feeling shy, test out this look in a beach city or at your next festival. You’ll get used to it in no time.

Advanced: Pair a tight crop top with loose boyfriend jeans

Welcome, crop master! When you’re really ready to crop it, pair a tight crop top with boyfriend jeans to create contrast and show off extra midriff. Who’s the hottie? You, duh.

All fired up to branch out? Start your crop top journey with our Crop Talk collection ASAP. We wish we had, like, karate belts to hand out for this stuff, but the sense of accomplishment (and endless compliments) should be reward enough.


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