Crystal Crown DIY

November 6th, 2014 | Style, DIY



We’re guessing that you’re as obsessed with the crystal crown worn by the gorg Amy Charsley in our winter lookbook, Force of Nature as we are. We’re also guessing that you spent a solid amount of time searching our site for the crown, and felt all kinds of bummed feelings when you couldn’t find it. Well, we’re here with good (and better) news. The good? You’ve got the DIY headed your way. The better? These are the exact same steps we used to create the crown for the shoot, so trust us when we say that it looks a whole lot harder than it actually is. Ready? Good. Let’s get started.


Here is what you’ll need:


1. Wire cutters or pliers


2. Wire wrapping (we used 22 gauge)


3. Pre-drilled crystals (we found ours at a local craft store!)



Step 1: Measure the length of the wire so it wraps around your head twice. We placed ours across our forehead while measuring. Once you found the perfect fit, go ahead and cut the wire.



Step 2: Sort your crystals by size. Choose the largest crystal and thread it onto the wire until it reaches the center.



Step 3: Wrap the two ends of the wire tightly in opposing directions so they create a secure hold on the crystal. Continue by stringing crystals on either end of the wire and pushing them into the center, so they surround the first crystal on either side.




Step 4: Remember how we had you wrap the wire around your head twice when measuring? Wrapping each crystal uses uses up the extra wire you used when initially measuring, so you will have a little extra wire when you’re all done.  Once you have your desired amount of crystals secure, simply wrap the wire around your head until it’s snug and clip the extra wire with your wire cutters or pliers. Bend the wire at the ends to create a hook and eye so your crown will stay securely on your head.



You’re done! Prepare to be the coolest chick in the room with your rad crystal headpiece. This headband is perfect for wearing with your favorite boho maxi dress or faux fur jacket for all kinds of good vibes.



Now that your headband is on point, stop by our lookbook and see the winter styles you’ll need to complete your look. You can also scope out our past DIYs here!



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