DIY: Beer Bottle Decor

November 22nd, 2012 | Style, DIY



It’s the day after the party and not only are you stuck with the worst hangover ever but your post apocalyptic living quarters has more empty bottles than your nearest recycling center. Studies prove that DIYs can solve all your problems. With just your handy dandy glass cutter and some sand paper, you can repurpose your party’s aftermath into your next wickedly awesome collection of cups/shot glasses/vases/etc.





What you need:
- Glass cutter

-Olive or veggie oil
- Bottle
- Sand paper
- Slightly boiling water



What you should know (aka important stuff)

We used the Generation Green bottle cutter. It makes the most accurate cuts by far and even comes with sand paper! Best. Investment. Ever.


**Disclaimer: you’ll probably want to start with a few practice bottles before going to town on that only comes out once in a lifetime IPA bottle that your boyfriend has been saving. Er, not like any of us did that…


Slightly is the key word in “slightly boiling water”. Hot water alone will not crack your glass, but super hot boiling water will overheat your bottle and make uncontrolled jagged cuts. So try and keep your water just a little bubbly.



 What you do:

-Assemble your glass cutter (don’t worry the directions are included and it’s super easy)


-OIL THE CUTTER! It seems weird, but it helps a ton. Just dip your finger in cooking oil then dab onto your blade.


-Position the blade where you want to cut the bottle. Make sure the blade is completely perpendicular to the glass and its positioned where the glass is flat (if you’re confused the bottle cutter directions also have diagrams and instructions to help).
-Make sure to screw the bolts tight! Sadly we had a few bottle fatalities because the cutter moved mid cut.





-Grip the bottle cutter near the bottom and gently push the blade into the bottle while you rotate your bottle with the other hand. Because you tightened everything so well before (hint hint important step) you won’t have to worry about the cutter moving mid cut.


-Make once clean cut all the way around. You should hear a small scraping sound, but stop once you hear a grinding sound! You’ve gone all the way around.





-The score line will be faint. As you can see above.


-Look over your score line and make sure there are no gaps. If there are breaks in the score line or the line has imperfections the glass is likely to break in weird and undesirable ways.



And now for the fun part…


-Dip the top of your bottle in the slightly boiling water. Submerge just up to the score line and hold for 5 seconds.


-Then immediately run cold water over the score line for another 5 seconds.


 -Repeat the last two steps until the bottle top literally falls off. Some glasses might crack immediately, while others take a little bit more love. Make sure to listen for the glass cracking. If you hear the glass crack remove it ASAP. Too much cold or heat might make that clean crack into an ugly jagged edge. If it didn’t crack all the way across continue shocking it with hot and cold until it does.


-Once you get the bottle top off simply sand down the edges and marvel at your craftiness.


Ways you can use them:



Shot glasses, ’cause you can always drink more.




Cups that you won’t mind breaking.







Candle holders and vases that your male counterparts will approve of.



Check out the rest of our DIYs here!


Drink up,

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