DIY Beer Can Ornaments

December 21st, 2014 | Style, Home Decor, DIY


We can all agree on one thing – recycling is good. Upcycling? Even better. A week of Happy Hour may be over, but it’s time to grab those empty beer cans and make your tree the coolest tree EVER. Not like you needed a reason to relax with a can of PBR, but this beer can ornament DIY is the perfect excuse to pick up a few brew, invite your BFFs over, and start crafting.




- 2-3 empty beer cans

- Can Opener

- Sharp scissors

- Craft knife

- Sharpie

- Ball Point Pen

- Long Needle

- Thread





1.  Use a can opener to pop open the top of your empty beer can. This will be the trickiest part of this assignment because you need to constantly pull the can towards the device because as the can opener rotates and cuts through the can, the material will bend away from the device itself.



2.  After taking the top off, use a sharp craft knife to cut away the bottom of the can. The cutting line should be about half an inch from the bottom of the can.



3. Once both ends are removed, use scissors to cut through the material of the can so that it opens up horizontally and then cut off the crooked edges to obtain a rectangular shape.



4.  Use a sharpie to outline a star on the unprinted side of the can.



6.  Cut out your stars with scissors.



7.  Take a sharpie and draw a point on the unprinted side of your material to make the dots of where your creases will fold in and out. You should have ten lines total.



8. Use a ball point pen to create a pointy crease on your star. Begin folding along the solid lines inward and the dotted lines outward. Take your time carefully folding the creases because the material is fragile. Then carefully put more pressure once you have your creases established.



9.  Use a sharp needle to poke a hole at the top of your star. Insert a thin thread and tie a knot from the hole to hang your star.



Now your stars are ready to hang! Now that your tree is on point, make sure your outfit is, too.  Enjoy, #TSaddicts!



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