DIY: Words with Threads

January 31st, 2013 | Style, DIY


It’s time to give your apartment space a little lovin’ and make a statement to everyone who enters your sacred chamber of awesome. Here we’ll show you how to create a cool wooden sign that magically spells out words with yarn. (Okay, just kidding you have to yarn it yourself, but it’s totes worth it. Promise.)


What you need:



- Plank of wood



- Wood stain (optional)
- Hammer
- Nails


- Yarn
- Paper
- Scissors
- Pencil/Marker


What you do: 

1. (Optional) If you’d like to stain the wood, go ahead and do that first since the stain will take awhile to dry.





2. Measure and cut out a piece of paper that matches the dimensions of the wooden plank. Go ahead and draw your design onto the paper. This will be your template when you start attaching the nails.





3. Lay your template over the wood and start hammering in the nails, following your design. Make sure each nail is securely embedded into the wood!


4. Once you’ve finished adding in the nails, go ahead and remove the paper underneath (this step might involve a lot of cutting and tearing!).




5. Now you’re ready to add the yarn! Start out by tying one end onto a nail. From there you can start intertwining the yarn throughout the nails of each letter. When you’ve finished with one length of yarn, make sure to tie the other end onto a nail to secure the entire piece!




- Feel free to add different layers of yarn to add more color! The more yarn you add, the more each letter will stand out!



Now your apartment can say whatever it wants.



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