Fall Bucket List

September 22nd, 2013 | My 2Sence, Awesomeness


Hopefully you’ve crossed everything off of your summer bucket list because fall has most definitely arrived. We’re not exactly complaining though, because really, who could be sad about reuniting with their beloved ankle boots and chunky oversized knits? So, what should you do this fall besides daydream about next summer? Here are the ten things every TS girl needs to do this season, so get on it:



1. Autumn Tuneage: Summer festivals may be over, but getting your music fix is a must. Attend hella shows this fall, even if you’re mostly just waiting for the 2014 Coachella line-up to be announced. Besides, bands can only perform for so long at festivals and nothing beats that intimate indoor setting.



2. Report for duty: Of all the must-have fall trends this season, the military-inspired coat tops our list. It’s perfect for layering and adds just enough warmth and badass to every outfit. Find the one perfect for you and live in it all season long.



3. Properly prepare for All Hallow’s Eve: Three steps to the best Halloween costume ever:
- Avoid the temptation to reach for the obvious slutty option. Be cerebral people. Be cerebral.
- If your costume involves the use of toilet paper, glitter, or wings, re-think your costume.
- If you carry around a vintage typewriter, you can claim to be any dead author you want.




4. Fall Reading List: Keep the summer reading kick going through the fall. Hit up a used bookstore and find well-worn copies of classics to keep you company on chilly fall nights. Remember kids, reading is sexy.





5. Spike the cider: Procure the makings for some fall-inspired cocktails (think apple cider, cranberry infused vodka, and hot toddies). Gather more friends to exceed the maximum capacity in your apartment tenfold. Therein lie the ingredients for a night to remember (or not remember).





6. Cozy Up: Step one, make your space appropriately cozy for fall with warm throws and fall-scented candles. Step two, layer on oversized knits and thigh-high socks for cozy lounging about.





7. Hair Repair: Hair gets super damaged during summer thanks to sun exposure, wind, chlorine, and saltwater. Take your locks from dull and dry to healthy awesomeness with a hydrating Moroccan oil mask or a DIY coconut oil treatment.







8. Couch It: Let’s get real. The best part of sweater weather is no longer feeling guilty about staying in your pajamas, ordering take-out, and watching an entire season of your favorite T.V. show on Netflix in one epic marathon. Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Girls, Parks & Rec, Entourage, New Girl…so many shows, so little time.






9. Haunted House: Ok, so you don’t have to actually go to a haunted house, but you should do something slightly spooky. Go old-school and pull out the Ouija board to consult the spirits about your future, wander around an old cemetery (Hollywood Forever’s also pretty rad), or sign up for a tarot reading with the town mystic.





10. On the Road: Road trips aren’t just for summer. The crisp fall air is practically calling for you to hit the open road with a map and pure whimsy to guide you. Grab a greasy diner breakfast and wash it down with black coffee, blast the radio, and stop at all the lookout points. Basically get out and explore before winter sets in and it’s cold as f^!$.



Peace, Love, & Gluten Free Cookies,


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