Besides eating your weight in holiday food and giving/getting bundles of awesome gifts, the next best thing about the holidays is the break. You can morph into your couch potato self and be more than OK with it. So why not have a holiday themed movie marathon while your at it? Let us peruse some of my favey fave holiday reels so we can get to marathoning.




Home Alone Series


This is probably THE holiday movie for me. Watching it as a 22-year-old beer guzzling young adult garners the same experience as I had as a 7-year-old lego-loving munchkin. Watching the bad guys get impaled by hammers and bricks while they fall off buildings and catch on fire all at the hands of a tiny McCauley Culkin was and is just so damn entertaining. The fact that no human could possibly survive all that brutality still goes over my head.






No holiday is complete without Will Ferrell acting as the most awesomely ridiculous holiday character ever, Buddy the Elf. I could probably quote this movie from beginning to end, no joke. It’s the Zoolander of the holidays, if you will. Plus, the lovely (and very blonde) Zooey Deschanel plays Buddy’s love interest. If that ain’t enough then I don’t know what is. And it’s one of the first times the world is really exposed to Zooey’s incredible singing voice. I don’t normally partake in listening to Christmas music but I would totally be fine with it if she sang every song.







The Holiday


A little Jack Black and Kate Winslet action never hurts. The pair actually works perfectly during the holiday season, who knew? I mean, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law are cute and all, but I love the genuinely fun and playful chemistry between Black and Winslet. And the legendary Eli Wallach as the most adorable little old man in the world is absolutely genius. With hilarious writing and even more hilarious characters, this romantic comedy is definitely one of the tops for the holidays.



Love Actually


Uh who doesn’t want Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead to come to their doorstep¬†and tell them they’re perfect with epically cute signage accompaniment?¬†Not only that, but Liam Neeson (a.k.a. Qui-Gon Jinn/Aslan/Ra’s Al Ghul/every epic action character ever) plays such a sweet friggin’ dad (and I’m not talking about Taken). AND Severus Snape a.k.a Alan Rickman plays a husband that’s married to Professor Trelawney (okay I’ll stop geeking out now). I can’t help but find it amusing and awesome that these badass guys are all in a holiday rom-com together.



Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal,




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