Meet the heads of our campus cliques…the epitome of the hottest back to school style for every girl. Whether you’re an athlete, artsy chick, or a little bit of a rebel, our girls will show you just how to rock the perfect pieces to reflect your personality and build your rep as an ultimate fashion guru in every circle. Get to know our girls and find out which of their styles screams YOU.



Voted Most Creative: Our artsy bohemian girl is all about using that right side of her brain. She thrives on self-expression and can constantly be found doodling away in her sketchbook during class or in the theater after school rehearsing her lines for the upcoming play. Her style is just as original as her artwork and loves taking on the school day in flowy bohemian pieces.



Voted Best Athlete: If you spend your after school hours at practice and your free time trying to set a PR for your mile, you’ve got a lot in common with our athletic girl. She’s all about going for the gold and working hard to get there. But that doesn’t mean she leaves her style on the backburner. This girl loves that laidback varsity vibe and can totally hang with the guys.



Voted Most Popular: Walk into the girl’s bathroom and you’ll most likely find our glam girl touching up her lipstick and making sure each strand of hair falls in exactly the right place. Good luck walking the halls with her, she’ll probably be stopping to chat with everyone because everyone knows and totally loves her. Future prom queen in the making? We think so.



Voted Most Rebellious: Not that we’re condoning staying out past your curfew to catch a show of your favorite band in a place your parents would probably murder you if they found you in, but…our rebellious rocker is all about that life (maybe not so extreme though). She’s got that rugged rough and tumble attitude that you don’t really wanna mess with. Camo and combat boots are a definite wardrobe staple.



Voted Most Likely to Succeed: Say what you will about the girl who always raises her hand first, turns pages of a book like it’s the Olympics, and never misses a day of class, but we love her confidence and kick-ass competitive attitude. You can find her in the library 90% of the time, but you’ll never mistake her for the librarian. Her stylish preppy chic ensembles definitely get people whispering about her awesome style. Because, in case you didn’t know, smart is totally sexy.


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