Holiday Power Couples

November 18th, 2013 | Style, Fashion


When we think holiday power couples the first couple that comes to mind is none other than Queen Bey & Jay-Z. No one, and we mean NO ONE, can handle their business like they can and look effortless doing it, too. This winter we’re embodying Bey and Jay with power couples of our own made with perfectly paired textures. These textures will rock the holiday season together and when the holidays are over, can hold their own all year long.



Great Now: Leather & Lace

Winter calls for heavy material to stay warm in cold conditions, which is exactly why leather makes it to the top of our essentials list. Pair it with lace  and you’ve captured the ornate persona of the holidays. Leather rocks the re-bell-ious aspect of any outfit, and lace comes in to soften the edgy look. Talk about a balanced relationship.

Great Later

Leather comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms, making it wearable year round. Fall and winter pieces are perfect for layering and keep you warm, but leather skirts, shorts, and vests come in handy for spring and summer seasons. The texture naturally adds a badass appeal to any outfit, making it another plus in our book.

Perfect as an accent or as the bulk of an outfit, lace is simply a versatile fabric that adds that extra “oomph” to absolutely anything. There’s literally no wrong time to wear lace, especially when it looks good in simple colors such as black and beige, but also looks amazing in eye-popping colors such as red, purple, and blue.



Great Now: Sequins & Brocade 

What other fabrics scream holiday the way sequins and brocade do? We don’t have an answer either, considering sequins make everything glitter in the same way the holiday spirit does, and brocade captures a Victorian decorum. Pairing these two together is like mixing the new with the old — a classic case of opposites attract.



Great Later:

Sequins: Shine bright all year and don’t hold back. Sequins may be a festive fabric, but it can be toned down to everyday wear in so many ways.

Brocade: Similar to sequins, brocade can come off as over-the-top, but subtly adding this texture can bring a unique and vintage feel to any outfit.



Great Now: Fur & Velvet

Call us crazy, but we are so not ashamed of hopping on the velvet bandwagon this holiday season. Velvet and fur are perfect because both fabrics resonate bold statements in an impressively simple way. Put these two together and you’re bound to turn heads in a room. Element of a power couple? We think so too.



Great Later:

Fur: Fur sounds extravagant, but doesn’t always try to steal the show. Pieces with hints of fur can make it into an everyday wardrobe without being too boisterous, and small accents can spice up your life (cue the Spice Girls’ song, here).

Velvet: Velvet has made a comeback and we are gladly accepting it with open arms. Velvet is just a classic fabric that can’t do you wrong. Wearing velvet adds the coolest vintage feel to any outfit and is soft to the touch. Brownie points!

View our entire Holiday Power Couples feature here.

’13 Bonnie & Clyde,


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