I try not to use the word ‘epic’ too frequently, but this past week at SXSW was just too much for me to hold that word in any longer. Austin was everything I imagined and more, I’d like to say it was the equivalent to a ‘Music Olympics’ if those were to ever exist (they should). Between bouncing around 6th street and running down Red River to Rainey to catch all the shows, the TS crew definitely got their cardio down (who needs pedicabs). All the while dancing and guzzling down beer and brisket. Some performances we caught included The Preatures, Kelela, Holychild, Panama, Great Good Fine OkLYS, Tove LoThe 1975, Echosmith, Sango, and many many more. You can view our most memorable acts below:




Most notable performance: MØ at PMAVILLAGE. This girl is insane, and I mean that in the raddest way possible. She never hesitated to hop up on stools or jump into the crowd. At one moment she was literally 2 inches from my face screaming into the microphone and dancing all nonchalantly as if she were in her own bedroom. I never felt so awesome and uncomfortable at the same time (mostly awesome).




Best stumble upon: Panama Wedding at Lambert’s BBQ. We were literally just coming here for lunch and then bam, one of the bands I really wanted to catch was playing right upstairs…FOR FREE. Danceable tunes and even more danceable synths! Huzzah!





Best sneak-in: RAC, Tourist, and Ryan Hemsworth at Souncloud Clubhouse at Lustre Pearl. I definitely was not supposed to be there, but I somehow got in. And it was possibly the best decision of my week there. Trumpets, a Joywave guest appearance, and HAIM and Beyonce remixes for the freaking win.




Most surprising discovery: Davin McCoy and the Coming Attractions. You can’t go to Texas and not listen to country. But DMatCA were not just country, they were sexy country (and I’m always down for anything sexy). Equipped with a radical harmonica player and a guest appearance from Nashville heartthrob Sam Palladio, these guys were really making something magically sexy happen.




Best of TS artists tour: Misun, Johnny Stimson, and The Electric Sons at various venues. You can never go wrong with our faves, and these three acts most certainly proved it at SX. We couldn’t be more proud to rock the eff out with these guys.





Best ‘I don’t Have a Category For You But You Were Awesome’: Giraffage at Empire Control Room and Terry Poison at Speakeasy. Our final day consisted of no schedules but we randomly managed to catch these two brilliant acts in all the chaotic mess…and it was perfection. Giraffage made all of us groove to his Falsetto remix and Louise Kahn of Terry Poison made it her sole mission for us to dance (their cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Blue Jeans’ also didn’t hurt).



 We’ll see you next year, Austin!




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