If you’re ever in downtown Santa Cruz and craving some ridiculously good looking yet seriously delicious food, along with ridiculously awesome and creative cocktails that would put any mad scientist to shame, I strongly suggest you go to 515 Kitchen and Cocktails (otherwise known as the FIVE ONE FIVE, notFIVE FIFTEEN..even though that is its real-ish official-ish name). The restaurant is two stories: downstairs has a bar and film projector and upstairs (our favorite) has old school board games (:D), a bar, lit balcony seating, a private room with curtains, and a fireplace. I’ve paid multiple eager visits to the 515 after my 21st birthday. Melissa and I decided to go pop our 515 cherries together since our main motive for going was to try their Sex Bob-Omb cocktail, ingeniously named after the band featured in Scott Pilgrim. The drink contains blood orange vodka, strawberry-cilantro simple syrup, lemon, tobasco, egg whites, and cayenne pepper (UH YEAH). It’s definitely wtf-worthy, but I was fascinated by the experimental concoction. Let me just say, like the Scott Pilgrim movie adaptation, this cocktail did not disappoint.


The Holly Golightly and the Sex Bob-omb


The Product Placement


Risotto: spinach, wild mushrooms, and brie…omgaahhhthisisloveintheformofrice


Cheese plate with seasonal fruit, nuts, water crackers, toast…I totes cheesegasmed all over the friggin’ place. And it was glorious.


Everything else was flawless (irresistible food, highly attractive staff, hipster interior design). I have indulged in so much alcohol and cheese since my first 515 visit that I think they might have for surely impregnated me. If that doesn’t entice you to go then I don’t know what will. Maybe 515 more reasons to go to 515? Okay here we go:


Just kidding. I trust you will make the right choice.


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  1. Liz says:

    BAHAHAHA! I love 515, and it’s pseudo-hipster owners and staff. My best friend used to work there when it 1st opened up. Good to see the cheese plate remains the star player it always was.

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