Hannah & Kim are like peas and carrots, nutella and bananas, beans and freakin’ cheese. They go together so well you’ll wonder if they were separated at birth. They do music how it should be done: for fun. No contracts, no record labels, just jam sessions and good times all around. Being drawn together simply by the power of music, Hannah & Kim are one deadly adorable, indie guitar-wielding, kickass duo, which makes them a 110% match for ThreadSence. We got to know a little more about them when they visited TS HQ and this is what we found out…



TS: So, how did you two meet? What’s the story here?

H: Kim and I met through work. She was working as an production intern at Roadtrip Nation (we make a documentary series for PBS from ppl’s road trips across the country).  It was love at first sight.  We were fortunate enough to have traveled on the road together.  I met up with her crew in Idaho and traveled with them through Wyoming, Montana, and Washington.  On the long rides in the RV, we’d jam together.  I fell in love with her free styled free-styles and her willingness to be goofy.  One night, we made camp at an abandoned RV park and played music around the campfire.  Surprisingly, we created the first draft of our song “Spiders.”  After that night, I considered her my musical soul-mate.



TS: Using only one word, how would you describe each other?

H: Sweet (in the sugary sense)

K: Fiesty (she’s the spice to my sugar)





TS: When did you start getting into music? Do you guys come from musical backgrounds?

H: My musical background started in 6th grade.  I joined the jr. high orchestra and started piano lessons.  I always loved music and wanted to be a girl rocker.  That never really happened.  It wasn’t until I moved to Korea that I picked up the guitar.

K: As a little kid, I loved to sing and write songs on my little casio keyboard but I never considered myself very musical.  It wasn’t until my third year at UCSD that I realized how much I loved music and knew I wanted to seriously pursue it.  I changed my major from biology to music composition and eventually graduated with a degree in music.  Since graduating, I’ve continually found ways to keep music in my life.  It’s very integral to who I am.



TS: Who are your musical role models?

H: I’m a big fan of motown.  I secretly aspire to unleash my inner soul sister croon.  I don’t think I have it though.

K: Both Emily Haines and Philip Glass.  Emily Haines can write the darkest, most beautiful piano ballads for her solo projects but can also rock out so hard with her band Metric.  I idolized her in college.  I also love Philip Glass for his genius.  He writes the most beautiful music but incorporates his style of avant-garde.





TS: What’s your writing process like? Do you both write songs?

We do a couple of different things.  Play a chord progression and freestyle, then write words to the melodies.  Sometimes I’ll create the melody while Kim writes, and sometimes it’s reversed.  Depends on the day.



TS: Where do you guys draw your inspiration from (musically, lyrically, or otherwise)?

We like to play/write music outside or different locations.  We’re all about music in the moment.  It’s more about expression than perfection.  The finished song is secondary to the practice of just jamming and having a good time.



TS: We know you mainly sing together for fun, but would you guys ever decide to make your act official?

H: I think everyone has dreams of making it “official.”  I definitely love performing and sharing music.  For me, I have other aspirations that are very important to me.  I see music as an outlet and a form of expression, not necessarily a direction.

K: I know it might sound cliche, but I like to keep everything I do in my life fun and meaningful.  I love writing music with Hannah and use it as a way to let go and have fun.  When a great opportunity comes up for us, we are always really excited to follow through with it.  But like Hannah, I also have so many aspirations that I’m so excited for as well.  I like to take life as it comes.





TS: If your last meal was tomorrow, where would you go, what would you eat, and why?

H: Hanshik (full on traditional Korean meal)

K: This question never stops puzzling me….  I think I would have to say Eastern Mediterranean. Kebabs, tabouli, hummus, pita and lots and lots of Lebanese rice!!!!



TS: What artists are you listening to right now? Any recommendations?

H: Mmmm, I’m big into the Brazilian scene.  Gilberto Gil is currently on repeat on my Spotify.

K: I’m really loving both Dosh and Bombay Bicycle Club.



TS: How would you describe your guys’ sense of style? What outfit would you wear on a regular day out? 

H: I love pretty dresses, accessories, and of course, my cowboy boots!

K: I love anything that makes me feel like I could possibly be European.  I mainly love an outfit if I get to wear a skirt, tights and ankle boots.





TS: What’s next for you guys? Any new projects coming up?

H: I’ve been pretty busy with my job (which I love) so music has kind of taken a back seat.  We’re hoping to jump back on the train though and finish up an EP.

K: I’m definitely looking forward to finishing up our EP.  I love what we’ve come up with and I’m excited for future opportunities and to share our songs with everyone again.



TS: Last but never least, what’s your favorite ThreadSence items?

H: The accessories and party pants!

K: I’m in love with both the Studded Mystery Loafers and the Deadly Sin Platforms.  Basically any shoe they have tucked away in their warehouse, hehe!!





For more Hannah & Kim music:


Interviewing one awesome person at a time (well, in this case two),
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