We can’t get enough of the indie folk duo Honeypie. Trisha Smith and Ryan Radcliff are probably one of the most down-to-earth and awesome people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Which is why we couldn’t just stop at an acoustic sesh, we felt that a Green Room interview was just plain necessary.


TS: Quick! Say the first word that comes to mind.  
HP: Interview!


TS: Tell us about yourselves. How’d you guys meet and what’s behind the name Honeypie?
HP: Trisha has been in southern California all her life, while Ryan has been here for almost 20 years. Honeypie began in late 2008 as a recording project. We met in 2006 while both playing in the band Venus Infers. The name Honeypie is a reference to a Beatles song.



TS: Who/what do you find influences your music the most?
HP: Recent musical influences include The Supremes, Spoon, Wilco, Damien Jurado.


TS: So you guys are from Huntington Beach, what’s your most favorite place to…
Relax? Gypsy Den
Get a bite to eat? Baja Fish
Grab a drink? La Cave
All three places are in Costa Mesa, but that’s OK.


TS: What were your goals as a band when you first came together? Do they still remain the same?


HP: I think our initial goals were like any band’s: to write and practice songs and then play shows. That has definitely changed. There’s less of a focus on maintaining a full-band lineup for performing, and more of a focus on writing and recording songs. We do, however, have a strong desire to reform the full band to be able to play these songs as they were recorded.



TS: What has been the toughest thing about being in a band? What has been the most rewarding?


HP: The toughest part about being in a band is also the most rewarding, and that’s in the songwriting process. Honoring your favorite ideas by coming up with equally as accepted ideas can be a big puzzle. Calling a song “finished” feels very rewarding when you reflect on the process it took to get it to that point. The creative process is always a challenge.


TS: You just released your first full length about 6 months ago. Is there a meaning behind the album name, Fields Don’t Disappear?


HP: The title has a couple of meanings. One refers to the weird noises of magnetic tape from an old Space Echo we used throughout the LP. The other meaning is this idea of attraction fields, or relationships, between people. We thought that related to the lyrics of the LP, and we liked the depth in multiple meanings.



TS: What’s your writing process like? Do you guys always approach the same routine?


HP: For a long time, the writing process began with a guitar idea or a chord sequence, but the best ideas always stem from a melody and then branch from there. The routine is to write as much as possible without critique, and then return later to decide what works. Parts and melodies are compiled to form complete concepts. Once that feels good, the base lyrical ideas are worked out for a long time.


TS: Any crazy stories from gigs that you’ve played?


HP: We once played at Trisha’s grandparents’ senior citizen mobile home park. In the middle of our set a lady came up and grabbed the mic mid-song. She told us it was bingo time and the show was over.



TS: What artists have you been playing on your iTunes lately?


Channel Orange – Frank Ocean (both)
Maraqopa – Damien Jurado (both)
Swing Lo Magellan – Dirty Projectors (Ryan)
Shields – Grizzly Bear (both)
Dawes – Nothing Is Wrong (Trisha)


TS: If you could only perform one song from your discography for the rest of forever, what track would it be and why?


HP: It would probably be our cover of “What Am I Living For”. It’s a blues, and while it would be pretty sad to only play one song for the rest of forever, maybe it’d help us feel better.


TS: Upcoming plans for 2013?


HP: Writing and recording a followup LP, and hopefully landing more placements so our music can be discovered by more listeners.



TS: Lastly, if a zombie came bursting into your bedroom, what song would you sing/play to it? (If you could kill/befriend zombies through the power of music)


HP: We’d play the Walt Whitman EP from Richard Swift. It came out around Halloween a couple years ago and it’s got a spooky vibe.



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