Not many bands can transfix me the way High Highs do. Their soft, melodical whispers are enough to soothe even a bullet to a halt. The dreamy indie pop outfit is relatively new to the scene, though you wouldn’t know it seeing how fast the band is picking up speed. They released their debut LP Open Season this past January, and since then have played alongside acts such as Vampire Weekend and Empire of the Sun. We had the pleasure of catching up with lead singer and guitarist Jack Milas to chat about all things HH – so let’s get to it.


TS: Before we begin, let’s get to know you a little better:


Pick your poison (beer, greasy foods, cheese, etc).

JM: A cold schooner of VB whenever I’m in Australia.


Favorite color?

JM: At the moment… black.


Coffee or energy drinks?

JM: Coffee 100%


TS: If High Highs were a film, what genre would you guys be?

JM: British murder mystery.



TS: You and Oli both come from two very different musical backgrounds, how did you start experimenting with each other’s styles to create that warm dreamy pop sound?

JM: Oli was the only person I felt comfortable sharing my ideas with. He started adding things here and there. We made about 15 demos casually over the course of about a year. When we both found ourselves in New York in early 2010 we picked the project up and decided to finish it and go for it.


TS: For those of us who haven’t seen you before, what can we expect from your live sets?

JM: It has more of a driving force behind it. Minimal in parts, bigger in others. We spend a lot of time on our harmonies.



TS: What’s the writing/recording process like for you guys?

JM: Its an evolving thing. Lately Oli and I have been writing together in a room with a piano, a 12 string acoustic guitar and our voices. Its been amazing, actually. We have to be totally open and honest with each other.


TS: Tell us what your craziest experience has been so far.

JM: Playing at Red Rocks with Vampire Weekend and Of Monsters and Men. Also playing the Sydney Opera House with Empire of the Sun. Those are tied.


TS: Which track on Open Season is your personal favorite?

JM: At the moment, probably Bridge.



TS: What’s the culture of Sydney like compared to that of Brooklyn’s? Do you prefer one over the other?

JM: They’re both totally different. I absolutely adore both cities. The way the bush meets the ocean in Sydney is like no where else. That can be very inspiring.


TS: How would you define your personal style?

JM: Aimless and confused


TS: What’s one thing people don’t know about you guys and would be surprised about?

JM: Oli is particularly good at spear fishing.


TS: Best advice you’ve ever received?

JM: I thought there were a lot of wonderful words in this Patti Smith video.



“Life is REALLY difficult… sometime you’ll be sick, sometimes you’ll have a really bad toothache, sometimes you’ll be hungry, but on the other end, you’ll have the most beautiful experiences.”


TS: What do you guys like to do on your down time?

JM: Down time… hmmmm… Maybe catching up on the New Yorker issues i haven’t had time to read, listening to records with my flat mate, Skype with my brother in Sydney…



TS: What’s in store for the rest of 2013?

JM: We’re going to upstate NY to write for a week next week. We’ll be writing a lot. Then back for tours, some more shows with Vampire Weekend and another tour we can’t announce yet.


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