It only took one song for Melbourne-based Little Dreamer to knock us off our feet, so it’s no surprise that many of you fell in love with our Spring Lookbook Video that featured their track ‘The Dreamer’. We were stoked to find out that band members Brady (vox/guitar/keys), Gus (guitar/bass/sax), Nicholas (guitar/keys), and Ryan (drums) are all as chummy as they are musically inclined. We caught up with these awesome guys to see what living the Little Dreamer life is really about.


TS: You guys were formerly known as Colorwheel before changing your name to Little Dreamer. What was the inspiration behind that, and why did you guys make the change?

LD: Brady used to play solo under the name Colorwheel, but once we got the band together it sounded so different and we felt we needed to choose a name that represented our music better. The name ‘Little Dreamer’ came from the songs themselves; while coming across as genuine experiences, they are in fact a mix of dreams and reality, like when a film says ‘based on true events’.


TS: Can you give us a little backstory on Little Dreamer?

LD: Sure. We all met on Tinder. It was love at first swipe.



TS: We’re not gonna lie, we could spend all night at home, getting lost to your killer acoustics. This is some amazing listen-while-you-drive-in-the-rain kind of stuff. Which artists would you say inspire the sound and vibe behind your guys’ music?

LD: We all grew up listening to bands like Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Augie March and The Beach Boys but a great deal of the music is inspired by Brady’s guitar playing. He spent some time in Africa – around the period when Bon Iver had released their incredible self-titled album – playing guitar, being inspired by local musicians and sounds. He wanted to capture the percussiveness of instruments like Kalimbas but was restricted to using only his guitar, which lead to songs like ‘The Dreamer’.

Before meeting the band Brady had recorded his demos by the only means he had available, an iPhone and a guitar. His stylistic guitar playing and song writing combined with the synthesizers and drum machines of the iPhone made for some very fresh reference material when it came time to present these ideas to the band.


TS: Any weird habits or rituals you guys have to do before going on stage?

LD: Gus is a big fan of crosswords, which we all like to be involved in. Brady also likes to make up words that don’t exist like ‘Malrhythmic’ (the act of having no rhythm).

The rest of the time we marvel at how good-looking Ryan is. Occasionally we will listen to The Lion King’s ‘Circle Of Life’.


TS: For those who haven’t experienced your live show before, what can they expect from your sets?

LD: Lots of instruments, lots of men hugging, some pretty bad dad jokes and Ryan.



TS: Congrats on your first gig at the Kyneton Music Festival, which was your first festival performance ever! How did you guys like it and how was it different?

LD: We love playing boutique festivals. There are some beautiful little towns in Victoria and Kyneton was a really special experience for us. Super relaxed and a really friendly crowd.



TS: We’re dying to hear more music from you, is there an album in the works?

LD: Yes! We have been in the studio doing preproduction for our first release. It’s been a real pleasure working with Fraser Montgomery at The Aviary in Abbotsford. It’s a beautiful studio and he has the most amazing dog in the world ‘Sammy’ who we are all in love with. The best part for us is having an excuse to hang out with each other as a band. We all get on really well. Brady always says we are the most polite band in the world and he wants to take us home to New Zealand to meet his mum.


TS: What are you guys looking forward to the most this year?

LD: So many things to look forward to this year but we are really looking forward to our first release as a band (Brady has already released one song ‘The Dreamer’).

We also really want to find out if the new hoverboard is actually real.

Looking forward to abolishing leaf blowers from existence. They’re pointless. The whole mentality behind them is wrong. You can’t just blow your problems onto someone else’s lawn, you have to rake them up and deal with them responsibly otherwise they will just keep coming back. We have a song about that called ‘Guilt Is A Wild Dog’ which you will hear if you come to a show.

It feels like we’ve already done heaps of shows in our short existence and each one just gets better and better. We can’t wait to play with more great bands and take Little Dreamer around the country.



For more Little Dreamer:
Soundcloud (download their tracks for free!)




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