It was pretty much love at first listen when we were introduced to Secret Company. With their Saviour EP due out in a couple weeks, the band’s irresistibly catchy hooks and breezy melodies will have you hook, line, and sinker. We caught up with Scott Revell (vox) and James Patman (guitar) over the weekend to chat about Pulp Fiction, the upcoming release, and all things Secret Company. Check it out below along with their music video for ‘Saviour’.


TS: Where are you currently and what are you up to today?


SC: We’ve been busy the last few weeks gigging across the UK and heading into radio stations for sessions, we just did one for BBC Radio London which you can listen back to on their website. It’s nice to get some time home so we spent today demoing a new idea and watched Pulp Fiction…One of the best!


TS: Tell us a bit about yourselves, how did you guys get together to form Secret Company?


SC: We’re just four ambitious guys trying to make a foot print on the music scene….three of us went to school together and played in previous bands. Scott and I (James) started writing music together after having met on the local music scene and it just spiraled from there.


TS: If your sound were a film genre, how would you describe it?


SC: Well rather than pigeon hole a genre I’m gonna go for a Moonrise Kingdom/Forrest Gump/Pulp Fiction combination…Imagine that…


TS: We’re looking forward to the release of your Saviour EP, what can we expect from it?


SC: The single obvs! A banging remix by DrDr, which we’re very excited for people to hear! Plus a couple of chilled acoustic vibes, which we love to do also.



TS: What artists have influenced you guys the most as musicians?


SC: Jeff Buckley/Paul Simon/Fleetwood Mac/Muse.


TS: Outside of the band, what do you guys like to do?


SC: Parties/girls/films/skateboarding/beer/music.


TS: Any other artists you’ve been listening to lately?


SC: Catfish & The Bottle Men, London Grammar, Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Tusks, Chvrches & Disclosure.


TS: For those who haven’t experienced your live shows yet, what can they expect from your set?


SC: There’s always a good atmosphere at our shows (thanks to the fans), some friendly banter between us and the audience is always a given… Our set right now is a short and sweet affair with sing along indie/pop tunes. Musically, our songs are quite diverse. So getting that balance across is really important, we want people to be able to have a good time when they come to see us, dancing and jumping about one minute and then sitting back and just watching the next.



TS: You’ve been doing quite a bit of touring in the UK, any plans to come to the States?


SC: If there is a slight opportunity to come to the states and play a show, we’re ready to pounce on it…


TS: What’s in store for the rest of 2014?


SC: More single releases, more videos, bigger shows, lots of writing in the studio.


TS: Lastly, what would you like the world to know about Secret Company?


SC: We’re coming for you…


Pre-order Secret Company’s Saviour EP on iTunes (out March 31st).


For more Secret Company:
Official Site




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