It’s no secret that we here at ThreadSence are into the sultry smooth sounds of wanderhouse. Their music is so damn sexy that it’s borderline criminal, and that’s just the way we like it. Marie Moreshead’s soft voice lulls us into what can only be described as unadulterated bliss, and Doctor Rosen Rosen’s masterful production gives every track the right amount of edge to knock us out in one fell swoop. With only 3 tracks together, this band is just getting warmed up. The world has no idea what it’s in for. We want you to be ready for what they’re about to throw down, so we sat down with Moreshead and Doctor Rosen Rosen to bring you up to speed on everything wanderhouse:



TS: So, how’s your 2013 going so far? 


M: Wonderfully, thank you!




TS: Tell us about yourselves. How’d you guys meet and what’s behind the name wanderhouse?


DRR: My wife came across a live acoustic video of Marie on Youtube and showed it to me…I was completely blown away by her voice and sent her an e-mail immediately. We met up for coffee in Los Angeles the following week and the next thing we knew we were in the studio making music together. We haven’t stopped since.


M: As far as the name goes, honestly, we thought of so many names but all of them were taken and when we came up with “wanderhouse” it seemed like a good fit because I had recently moved into my tiny cabin on wheels in Topanga Canyon :)



TS: If you could describe wanderhouse in only 3 words, what would they be? 


M+DRR: intimate.beautiful.dusk



TS: You both come from very different musical styles (with Marie’s soft quirky folk and Doctor Rosen Rosen’s funky rogue pop), how did wanderhouse’s awesomely mystifying/sultry sound come to fruition?


M: Our first song “Use Me Up” kind of set the tone for the project. That song started with us experimenting on guitar, which is the one instrument that both Andy (DRR). and I play. We’re both songwriters and it’s been fun to bring our different styles together to create something we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.





TS: With only 3 songs out to the public, we’re dying to hear more. Is there an album in the works? Or a tour? Or both?!


DRR: We’re currently working on an EP that will include some of the songs you’ve already heard. No plans for touring yet, but I’m sure that’s in the future at some point.




TS: How does the writing process work for wanderhouse, is it pretty collaborative or do you work independently?


DRR: It’s super collaborative. We love making things from scratch together…everything from lyrics to music to melody.


M: The process is different every time. For “Sugar”, that song started by us recording a ball rolling around a cardboard box which led to the percussive groove of the song.



TS: Who/what do you find influences your music the most?


DRR: Coca Cola

M: Granola



TS: You guys have a knack for re­envisioning popular songs and making them your own (Lights, Love Hurts), any other songs wanderhouse wishes to tackle?


M+DRR: “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young




TS: If you were to compile a list of artists/acts for your Dream Tour (or artists you just want to collab with), what would it consist of?


DRR: I think my Dream Tour would be wanderhouse with Portishead and Tricky. As far as collaborating in the studio with someone, it would be amazing to get The-Dream on awanderhouse song.


M: A collab with my favorite songwriter Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes would be fun!



TS: What music has been stuck on repeat these days?


DRR: Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees”


M: Fleetwood Mac, Joanna Newsom, Devendra Banhart




TS: If a zombie came bursting into your bedroom, what song would you sing/play to it? (If you could kill/befriend zombies through the power of music)


DRR: I’d play him Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” and hopefully we’d become friends


M: Maybe a Beatles song……who doesn’t like a Beatles song?



TS: Lastly, any upcoming plans? Projects, songs, trips to Disneyland, etc?


DRR: We hope to put out a new song sometime in March.


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