If we could pick one band that always makes us feel good…it’s gotta be Los Angeles based quintet Warships. They’re packing awesome vocals with an awesome groove- all the ingredients needed for a delectable audio treat. What’s even better is that they’re having their EP Release tomorrow, June 19 at The Echo- which is why we thought a Green Room Interview with guitarist, Tim Pai, was an absolute must.



TS:Quick! Say the first word that comes to mind.

EC: Hungry


TS:Tell us about yourselves. How’d you guys meet and what’s the inspiration behind the name Warships?

EC: We met through prior bands and friends .The name was inspired mainly because we liked the sound and imagery.



TS:  How did you guys come together to develop your sound?

 EC: by locking ourselves in a room for long durations of time.


TS: Who/what do you find influences your music the most?

EC: Both good and bad aspects of life.


TS: Any chance of you guys coming out with an album soon? We know you’ve got some more songs hidden up your sleeves…

EC: yes, hopefully sooner than later



TS: What’s the writing process like for you guys?

EC: like a journey to an intended destination with several surprises along the way


TS: Any artists/acts you’ve been obsessing over lately?

 EC: Frank Ocean



TS: Since you’re based in LA, what’s your favorite place to…


- Grab a drink?

EC: Red Lion


- Get your nomz on?

EC: various taco trucks of LA


- Play a show?

EC: The Echo -speaking of which, our EP Release is on June 19!



TS:. Quick, there’s a zombie apocalypse raging outside, WHAT DO YOU GRAB FIRST?

EC: My boomstick


TS: What’s going on next for you guys?

 EC: Releasing a full length album



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