I was so excited when I found out I would be able to work with Threadsence! I knew that after joining the TS family I would have to come up with some good interviews to live up to their awesomeness! So I closed my eyes and thought real hard on who I should get in touch with for my first interview. The first person that came to mind was none other than Charlie Vela. I met this talented gentleman while he was recording Cocoon with the band, Meg and Dia. I’ve been lucky enough to be around musicians all of my life. In the past, I had always given all of the credit to the musicians for making the good music that I religiously listen to but after meeting Charlie and being able to watch him work, I realized that there is so much more to it than knowing how to play an instrument and having a groovy voice.



Vela has been involved with recording for over ten years. So what exactly does he do? Well, when it comes to making a stand-out album, he takes care of the pre-production, recording, mixing, and mastering. And don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what mastering is, I didn’t either until I met Charlie! Just know for now that when you listen to a track done by Charlie, he is the reason every note sounds exactly the way the band intended it to be heard! So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into this interview I have prepared for you all!


J-How did you first get started? How did you decide that this is what you wanted to do?
CV: Well, I was always interested in how things worked. Growing up I disassembled many, many toys. When I was about 12, I took apart my parents tape deck and managed to hook it up to another tape deck. Once I learned how to record one sound over a previously recorded sound, a practice called overdubbing, I was hooked. In high school I started recording myself and my friends, and my senior year began working in a local studio. I knew it was what I was going to do with the rest of my life. When I realized that, I was spending all my free time reading and learning everything I could about recording. I started to see everything else in my life as something that was taking time away from recording. When it gets to that point you know you’ve found something you truly love.


J- Wow! That’s awesome! Love at first sound. So if you weren’t able to do what you do now, what else could you see yourself doing?
CV: That’s a good question, ha ha. My degree is in Marketing, so I would probably try to work in some other aspect of the music business either in public relations or management. If that doesn’t work out there’s always the 9-5 world I suppose.


J- Ah, the 9-5…That’s always good incentive to work hard and stay close to music and away from the office cubicles. So, you’re big on music. I have to ask. If there was an album you could “steal” and say you produced/recorded, what would it be?
CV: So very many! I’m constantly hearing records that simply blow my mind. There are certainly some very commercially successful records that I wouldn’t mind getting royalties from, but I’d have to say probably Jimmy Eat World – Clarity. The arrangements are so beautiful and it’s one of my all time favorite albums.



J- I love that album too! So good! Now for someone who wants to do what you do, name one thing they need to be wary of and then name one thing that they can look forward to if they end up following in your footsteps. Any added advice to that?
CV: Be wary of the time commitment involved. If you have a significant other, be sure they are supportive of this fact. I’ve been very lucky that way. I typically spend 10-12 hrs a day in the studio 6 days a week, sometimes more. And sometimes that can make even the most passionate individual a little tired. But on the bright side, you are spending all that time working on music! I still can’t believe sometimes that people actually pay me to do this. It’s incredible.


J-Wow! There must be a lot of love for your work if you’re at it for so many hours in a day. Quite a grind. I never knew that recording an album took so much time! I mean, when a lot of people listen to an album, they don’t immediately think of the producer or sound engineer…They only think of the band members/musicians playing the song once and then it’s done (I am guilty of this). What other person/position do you think gets “overlooked” by people who are not familiar with how music is made and the process of making a record?
CV: Drummers… just kidding. I think even more overlooked than producers and recording engineers are mastering engineers. A lot of bands don’t even know what mastering is which is a little troubling. Mastering engineers take the final mixes of the songs we work on and apply processing to the whole album to make sure the songs all feel like a cohesive idea. In working on the individual songs it becomes easy to for artists and producers to lose the forest for the trees. A mastering engineer gives an outside perspective to the final album, the same way a producer can give an outside perspective to a band regarding arrangements and songs.


J-I am so glad that you explained that in detail. Mastering really didn’t come to my mind until you explained how important it is for the album itself. A lot of bands may not know what it means, but at least when they are with you they are in good hands! So now tell us about what is going on right now. Any new projects or activities in the making/coming up that you want to tell us about?
CV: Well, lately I’m really excited about how well the Meg & Dia record [Cocoon] is doing. It was an incredibly fun album to be a part of and a rewarding experience through and through. I’ve also just finished an EP for another really cool female fronted band called Sick/Sea and a full length record for a dancy funk/punk band called The Young Maths. They kind of sound like what James Brown’s band listened to Fugazi would sound like.  I’m also getting behind the drums again with a band called Dignan. We’ll be recording an EP in the next couple of months and hitting the road in October. I’m really excited to get out and play in front of people. In the studio it’s easy to forget the experience of playing live.


J-Definitely! I’m so excited for you! I’ll be sure to check Dignan out. I’ll try to sneak out to a show in the fall hopefully and catch you drumming away on stage! Sounds like fun! Thank you so much for your time. I know you’re a busy man! I really appreciate you leaving the studio for a while and answering away just for the Threadsence team!
CV: Thank you, Jade! I had a great time.



And now that you know a little about Charlie Vela and what he does, check him out for yourself!




Bands Charlie Vela mentioned in the interview:




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  1. Annie Le says:

    Congrats Jade on your first interview! Charlie Vela is very cute! ;) will look into his music!

  2. Krist says:

    Thanks for a great interview, Jade. I honestly can say I am guilty of not really thinking about anyone other than the band when it comes to making an album. Definitely learned a few new things in your interview,such as what a mastering engineer is. Keep up the good work. Thanks Threadsence for having such a talented lady apart of your site, definitely looking forward to more interviews.

  3. Kevin Cap says:

    Awesome Interview! I love how the questions were very unique, not the typical interview type. I also loved how the whole thing flowed, I read it more like a conversation which is very nice and something I see most interviews lack. Charlie V is awesome, and did an amazing job on Cocoon! And whoever this Jade Frampton girl is, she has some serious talent and her personality shines in this interview. Cant wait to read more from her! :)

  4. Alison Champagne says:

    What a neat interview. It’s refreshing to see the appreciation for people behind the scenes in the music world. I think it’s an under-appreciated field. Thanks to Jade for bringing this into the light. Great interview!

  5. Adiba says:

    Awesome interview. I’ll definitely be checking out his music!

  6. IGJ4LIFE says:

    Jade you did a wonderful job with this interview. TS sure does know how to pick ‘em. You were right (again) that I didn’t really think about the ones behind the sound of the band. Charlie V sounds like a pretty cool dude with a good ear for music so I’ll def be checking out the other bands as well.

  7. John Paul says:

    I like it! Thanks Jade.

  8. AHighlandersPerspective says:

    Thanks for the interview Jade. I guess I have a renewed respect for the dedication and hard work these behind the scenes folk put in.

    Good choice of name for your blog, I did not know that a space called the green room existed in show biz which works out well with your name.

  9. kiar says:

    Great interview! I learned something and it’s great that people like Charlie get credited for the commendable job they do for the bands we adore that are often (if not, always) disregarded.

    Thanks Jade. Will keep myself posted on this new space of yours. :) Looking forward for more awesome interviews to come! ;)

  10. Di says:

    Great interview!! He’s one heck of a producer.

  11. Kelly says:

    Awesome interview! Can’t wait to read more from you.

  12. Ave says:

    Thanks Jade for a very good interview. Now we got a name and face to the sound behind Meg & Dia’s Cocoon. Loved the acoustics on that album. I’ve now got an appreciation of who and what is involved in each album.

  13. Brooke Gleason says:

    :D great interview, Jade! Charlie seems like a pretty cool guy. Great choice!

  14. Emilie G says:

    Awesome interview Jade! It’s nice to hear a bit more about Charlie, since we’ve been hearing his name floating around for the past year or so. I never really gave the recording engineer’s job much thought before Cocoon to be honest… Haha, I just assumed the album stuck itself together. That happens right?
    Your interviewing style makes me happy, not boring or repetitive at all. Looking forward to more interviews!

  15. Rena says:

    What a wonderful interview!

  16. Nikki says:

    Great interview, Jade! I look forward to your
    future interviews.:)

  17. jill says:

    Awesome interview! Great insight to the work that goes into producing a record! Thanks Charlie and Jade!

  18. Melissa says:

    Great interview!
    Kept my attention the whole time, cant wait to read the next one :D

  19. Theresa says:

    Thanks for a great interview! Learned a lot and looking forward to more interviews from you, Jade :)

  20. Jessica says:

    Loving the interview! It made me understand a lot more the music business and the various aspects that not so many people are aware of. Keep it up, Jade! :D

  21. Tim says:

    Enjoyed this interview. Looking forword to more behind the music interviews.

  22. haley says:

    omg this article was amazing whens the next one coming out? cant wait !!!!!!!!

  23. Justin says:

    that was great! boy if i were in charge of TS i would give you a promotion and a raise! it was so amazing! my life is forever changed!!

  24. AC Chiu says:

    Nice. Who knew so much effort went into post-production of a record! Thanks for the insight! I enjoyed it!

  25. Tommy says:

    Great interview!

  26. Polyana says:

    I recognized Charlie’s name immediately. Great insight into his work and his utter dedication to what he does. Quite the talented guy!
    Great work Jade!

  27. Barry Chiu says:

    Hi Jade,

    Great article! Very well written and it gives us all valuable insight into Charlie’s background, dedication to his craft, how he got started and what it’s like to work at a job you love so much. Keep them coming!

  28. Kenny T. says:

    Thanks for posting this up Jade! I really enjoyed reading about Charlie. Overall everything was great and I hope to see more from you soon

  29. wings says:

    awesome first interview! way to pick his brain without losing the degree of enthusiasm he has for his craft. can’t wait to see who else you snag for your next one.

  30. hugo says:

    wow great interview jade…….makes me realize i have to work hard for my dream as a producer…

  31. Craig says:

    jade, your new bosses have more than just ‘THREADSENCE”. I enjoyed your interview for many reasons , good questions ,great follow-up on the answers, and you added links for all involved!!GREATEST INTERVIEW ive ever read !! Ill come back again and again awesomeness ;)

  32. Kalli Marie says:

    Wonderful insights and an overall great interview! Charlie Vela, you rule dude!

  33. candoor says:

    cuz you have the magic that runs in your family and are becoming your own person, i cheer :)

    stay true to your dreams :)

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