Dia Frampton, runner up on the first season of The Voice, was born and raised in St. George, Utah. She is now living in Los Angeles where she is working on her newest album “Red”. Let’s catch up with this new up and coming star in the green room!


J-Dia, I know you are very busy lately. Thank you so much for your time.
DF- Of course! Always a pleasure.

J-Lots of people are curious about what the next step is for you and your music so I’m just going to jump into the big questions! Can you give us any updates on this new album that I hear is soon to be released?

DF-The new album which will be out hopefully the first week of December (although the date isn’t set in stone yet) is called RED. I called it that, because one time when I was complaining to my mom about no one noticing me at school, she laughed and said, “Wear red. Everyone notices it.” I mean, as a mother it was just a cute, silly thing to say, but somehow I remember that moment exactly and it popped up in my head as I was thinking of album titles. (UPDATE – RED will be released December 6th)  

J- That’s really cute. Moms always seem to have an impact on us, don’t they? How Excited are you about Meg and Dia touring with Blake Shelton?

DF-This is actually just going to be a “Dia Frampton” tour, with Meg and Dia members as the band. I’m glad they’re all excited to be a part of this project though. It would be so weird to play with random “Hired Hands” on stage every night. Performing is such an intimate thing, and I’ve played with Meg, Nick, Jon, and Carlo for over 6 years now. It just feels right that we are going to tour together, technically as “Me,” but in stadiums! Yay! A “Meg and Dia” tour may be happening in late 2012. 

J-Oh okay. That is really great that you all are still sticking together throughout your “rise to fame”. It says a lot about your relationship with them. Now, touring with Blake Shelton in January already says a lot about your bond with Mr. Shelton. Do you still keep in touch with him despite both of your busy schedules?
DF-Ya! He’s definitely very busy, especially since The Voice Season 2 just started taping, but he always texts and checks up on me. He’s been such a guiding light in my life and I’m so grateful to have met him. I saw him just a couple days ago when I went to visit the “Blind Auditions” for The Voice Season 2. He said to make sure to send him the album when it’s done getting mixed and mastered and that he’s excited to hear it!  

J-That’s great. You took a lot of great things from being a part of the show. You must be happy about deciding to participate in The Voice. It was an obvious success! But looking back at your experiences in the past few months, are there any regrets?

DF-I wish I could have not been so stressed and afraid the whole time. Looking back on it now, I took it so seriously. It was like…if I sang a bad note or forgot the words to a song…I would burst into flame or something like that. I wish I could have…of course still stayed focused, but not look so seriously for perfection. I was setting my goals too high, and for that, I had a hard time sleeping at night the entire time The Voice was going on. Geez! 

J-That makes sense. It seems like you’re having a lot of fun now though! Your three youngest sisters flew in to star in your new music video…Whose idea was that?
DF-Haha. That was my idea. In the video treatment that the director sent, it said that there were going to be a bunch of kids needed for the story line. I instantly thought of my sisters. I thought it would be a good learning experience for them to see all the work and time and creative thinking that goes behind making a three and a half minute music video. And they did! They were up with me at 3:30 a.m. going to location. We had to start filming crazy early to get cool lighting and early morning fog. I was in the hair and make up chair by 4:30 a.m. and so were they! Ha.



J-Sounds brutal! Tell us more about the experience. Was it nice to have some family around? Were they any good at acting?
DF- It was really nice to have family around. I feel like it gave them a bit more insight on what it is I actually do. They know I love to sing, but they don’t get to see the behind the scenes so much: Making music videos, rehearsals, tour preparations, writing, etc. They were surprised it took …. a full day, about 15 hours, to wrap up one video. I told them some videos take three days! My mom got to come out too and she had some fun just looking at all my costume changes!


J-I’ll bet. I saw some pictures of you and the girls on set. The costumes were awesome. The hair and make up looked great too! So…You’re living in LA now. How do you like it? Do you plan on making Southern California your home?
DF- I really like Los Angeles. I love the amazing Korean food here, and all the really lovely little bakeries (I love cupcakes). But when I was writing for “RED,” I got to go to London and Nashville, TN to work with producers and amazing musicians/writers. While London was beautiful to visit, I found that Nashville really hit home somehow. It still feels so music oriented, but doesn’t have that glamorous dog-eat-dog veneer that seems to sit over LA. (Don’t get me wrong, I love L.A.) But Nashville seems like a more laid back LA to me, and I like that.  

J-That makes sense. I can see you roaming the streets of Nashville. There are so many things to do in cities like that…I’ve heard you even took your first acting class recently. What jumpstarted this idea?
DF- …How bad at acting I was in “The Broken Ones,” music video! Ha! The director said, “Look really concerned and then look up at the sky slowly,” and I felt like he was saying, “What is 23495 X 543?” It’s hard to act and at that moment I thought, “Wow, I suck at this…but hey…it looks like this acting stuff will come in handy so I should learn more about it and study up.” I mean, even if it just helps me talk in public better it’ll be worth it.  

J- Definitely. I’m sure fans would love to see you use your talents in different ways. One of your talents, many would agree, is your talent to put together outfits. Any fashion trends you have been drawn to as of lately?

DF-I really like high-waisted shorts, long (very long) dresses and skirts, cropped T-shirts, polka dots, and scarves lately. I just love the winter time. It’s a good time to layer it up, and I love layering things! It’s also a good time to go check out independent stores and 2nd hand stores. They always have unique finds.  

J-Any shopping tips/stories you’d like to share with us?

DF- I have a curse. I’ll always buy something from one of my favorite stores, wear it, and then a week later I’ll see it on sale for much cheaper! This is beginning to drive me insane! I’ve decided I’m going to focus my shopping though on early Christmas gifts. I have a lot of family (5 sisters) and some sweet friends, so I wanna get a head start! Go for the sale sections!  

J-Now that your name is known nation-wide, your bound to get the “haters” that come with all of the positive attention. How do you deal with the negative comments/critique that, I’m afraid, probably will not ever stop?

DF-I stray from them. Hah. There’s not too many times when someone will come up to me, face to face, and say, “You’re the worst singer ever…and I bet you’re homophobic because … well , I just bet you are. And you should probably jump off a cliff!” Haha. Sounds pretty ridiculous, but the things you see on Youtube comments, the internet, etc. are pretty horrendous. My new rule my best friend gave me is, “No getting on your you tube site!” Which sucks, cause I like to read the good feedback, but, my friend was right. I should stay away from that and just focus on the music. 


J- That’s good advice. Nobody should be bringing anyone down! Don’t worry, you’re on your way to good things! Your career has taken a large leap since The Voice. It must be overwhelming. How are you managing to still be on top of things when so much is going on?
DF-Keep my priorities in check. The most important thing was writing the album. Now that that’s done, the most important thing is to be able to perform it very well, from top to bottom without tiring my voice. That’s my main focus now. Other things like acting classes, hiking, yoga, and cooking help to center me.  

J-That’s so great that you are able to dabble in different things to keep your life balanced. I find having other outlets help me relax and stay sane. Ok. I love new music. What music/artists/songs are you listening to lately?

DF-I really am enjoying Dawes right now. They’re a more recent band that has popped up around California. The Avett brothers, Tom Petty, and Modest Mouse I still have a love for. :)  

J-Tom Petty. Of course! I should have known you’d still be gushing about him! Well, thank you so much for this interview, Dia!
DF-Anytime! Thank you.


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  1. Alison says:

    I knew this was coming and loved it as always Jade! Loved how you kept your relationship out of the interview. Well done!

  2. jill says:

    I’m sooo proud and happy for Dia! She is so deserving of all this. And I love that the band is sticking together! MaD tour in 2012! Let’s make it happen!

  3. Danielle says:

    I’m so excited that this finally happened!! Jade, you did a great job!

  4. Todd says:

    Great interview as always Jade. Keep up the good work.

  5. SunnytheSkater says:

    Shoulda guessed you’d be having an interview with Dia on the day her single came out. I loved the backstory to her album name, I was curious before why she decided upon “Red,” but not it makes sense. Great interview, looking forward to the next one.

  6. someone reading your blogs says:

    Another great interview Jade. Loved the one with Meg too. I’m happy to hear about all the great things happening to Dia. It’s really nice to see that she’s taking MAD along for the crazy ride too. Sad to hear about all the haters, she deserves to read all the positive comments people have to say about her and her music because people love her. Wishing her great success and happiness!!!

    P.S. Jade, I’m missing your blogs. Now I don’t have as much to read :’( Haha.

  7. Tim says:

    Great questions. I was wondering what she has been up after finishing the album. Love that she named it “Red” from what her mom said. I love the way she thinks in general. That’s why she is so creative! I hope that we get to hear more from her and her family in the near future. The album will be great, no doubt!

  8. Ryan says:

    This was definitely a great year for Dia, with all the success it’s good to see that she included her band and family as much as possible. I’m looking forward to her new album in a few weeks ^_^

  9. nwuknowme says:

    sweet interview! but if she never reads our youtube comments she’ll never see the overwhelming majority of positivity!

  10. Debbie says:

    Great interview. Dia is incredibly talented…and so are you, Jade. Sorry so late reading this. :)

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