The man behind I Am Noxious goes by the name of Mr. T.  He puts his music out into airwaves all the way from Europe and believes that music is what you hear, not what you see–an idea that some contemporary artists seem to sometimes forget. And for that he hides his face and his name, while making sure that his music is accessible to all.  A lot about this man remain a mystery, but the fact that his music rocks is no secret.  Today we get to learn more about Mr. T and what he is all about!  Get stoked for some insider info on the mysterious I Am Noxious project!



JF- Mr. T, how old is I Am Noxious? How did it come to be?
IAN-I Am Noxious has been around for the last 3 years or so. I basically made the project for pure personal pleasure and to be creative with something else than what I’m doing in my everyday life.

JF-Where are you based?  Does location inspire/influence any of your music?
IAN-At the moment I am living in Copenhagen, Denmark, but most of my songs were written when I lived in London a couple of years ago. I’ve written and recorded most of the songs with a very lo-fi set up on my Mac, and some of the vocals are even recorded through a built in microphone. When I have an idea or feel inspired, it’s amazing to just be able to record and as I am not very picky with the different vocal takes, for instance, I just record something and use the parts that turn out good. The inspiration to I Am Noxious songs is always what is happening right now. I hate forcing things into my music so if I’m not inspired I wont write a song. A song is normally written, recorded and mixed within 1 or 2 days. I rarely go back and open a song to start recording again…

 JF-Do you believe in true love?
IAN-Yes. And she sleeps on my bed every night.


JF-What music inspires yours?
IAN-I’m inspired by all sorts of music. I started out wanting to make songs a la The Notwist but my love for good pop music kind of made it impossible not to add catchy melodies all over the place. But a mixture of lo-fi and alternative sounds with really poppy melodies make I Am Noxious what it is. I’m not selective when I buy records. If the song or album is good, I buy it; and that’s even if it’s Britney or Thurston Moore.

JF- I’ll have to look into those.  I’ve not heard of The Notwist. If you couldn’t be a musician…What other career could you see yourself in?
IAN-My dad’s a teacher and my mom is a nurse. So probably something with people…
But I once worked at a record store and the connection you get with customers is just amazing. So maybe I’d open an old school record store someday with free coffee…

JF-That sounds amazing.  I’ll definitely stop by if there is free coffee involved.  What about books?  Are you a reader?  What is your favorite book?
IAN-Touching From A Distance by Deborah Curtis. It’s a biography about Ian Curtis written by his wife. I’m not a bookworm but I like reading biographies when I read and this one really touched me. You get inside the 4 walls of the troubled Curtis home and get great insight into how messed up Ian was. The lead up to his suicide is so well written and it eventually made me cry. That has never happened before to me with a book.

JF- That’s awesome.  I love reading so I’m putting that on my list. How did you come to be called I Am Noxious?
IAN-Because I realized all my songs were silly love songs and that fact is a bit noxious…



JF- Love songs aren’t always harmless then, huh? Why remain anonymous? Why hide your face?
IAN- So much pop these days is about the looks. Minaj, Gaga, etc. They’ve written amazing pop songs but a lot of it is terrible too. To me it will always be about amazing songs and good melodies. If the song is good enough it will get the attention it deserves… It shouldn’t be about clothes and crazy hairstyles. So my “no face” appearance is maybe some sort of reaction to that fact.

JF-That makes total sense. Anyway,  let’s just focus on our ears then.  Describe your sound?  Where did you pull from to get your sound?
IAN-I’m very much inspired by the naive melodies by Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields), the direct sound of LCD Soundsystem and the Hot Chip Productions…Naivety in the sound and forthright songwriting in general.

JF-If you could ride on a spaceship for a day with anyone in the world, who would it be?
IAN-The Black Eyed Peas. They must be sick and tired of standing on sets and in front of green screens pretending they are floating in space.

JF- In one sentence, what is the goal/purpose of I Am Noxious?
IAN-To spread good songs to anyone who wants to hear it.

JF-What has been happening with I Am Noxious? + What is next for I Am Noxious?  Any new music/projects?
IAN-It’s basically a songwriting project. I have never played a live gig with I Am Noxious and don’t know if I ever will. For now it’s all about letting people hear my songs and let them go around the world to who ever wants to listen. I gave all my demo tapes away online in the early days and have been handing out a X-Mas song and a cover. Music should be for everyone… But I’m also a supporter of buying music. I’ve never downloaded illegally and never will. You don’t go to a clothes store and try some new clothes and then just walk off wearing it. It’s the same thing with music. Buy it. Then it will survive.

I have got loads of projects going. Got a new thing with my brother we’ve worked on for some time and I also mix his own stuff. I just like to do music and probably always will.
And maybe someday I will actually end up on that stage with a microphone in my hand.


JF-For the sake of discovering new music, what music have you been listening to lately?
IAN-The new album by New Build is absolutely amazing! The new Chairlift album is also one of my faves. Pure pop brilliance and I saw them live a month ago. Lead singer is just superb! I also bought the new Coldplay album the other day. Not one bad song on there.

JF-Awesome. Thanks for a great list of new songs.  Thank you for your time. I’ll be looking forward to the next new song you put out for us listeners!
IAN- Thank you.

Keep track of Mr. T here:
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FREE DOWNLOAD!! (provided by Mr. T himself)
I Am Noxious – I Gotta Feeling (Cover)


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