The American Spirit is a three piece band that was founded in Austin, Texas. In this trio is Gabe Strycharz on guitar and lead vocals, Adam Morgan on bass, keys, and vocals, and Nick Price (drummer for Meg & Dia) on drums, percussion, and vocals. These boys put music together in such a way that makes you fall into a wonderful music coma. These gentlemen are just getting started, but it’s time for their music to be discovered and heard by all. So without further ado, let us learn more about The American Spirit!  

J- I was lucky enough to hear you guys play at Momo’s Club. (By the way, you sound amazing live). Ever since then I have been a big fan. You guys, as a band, are pretty new. When did The American Spirit officially come together? When did you start performing as a band?

I’m actually really bad with dates and timelines, due to excessive space and time travel, but I believe it was the spring of 2010. I had been playing solo prior to that on the planet Zellum-13 but the opportunity arose to play with Nick and Adam here on earth so I boarded a space bus and never looked back.
N- I joined Gabe and Adam in May of this year, after relocating myself to Austin.  

J- Alright! You all are great musicians and must have been involved with music/songwriting before The American Spirit came to be. What are the music history profiles of the trio? Any past music projects any of you three were involved in?

As I said previously, I played solo for some time. As a pre-pubescent, I was in what earthlings consider a boy band. We found no success… On one of my voyages to earth I came across a land with an identity crisis called Santa Barbara, California. While there, I met Adam and so began collaborating musically with him whenever I came back to earth. N-I have been playing with Meg & Dia since 2005. Around 2009, when M&D were in between tours, I attended a concert of one of my favorite female artists “Rosi Golan”, Gabe opened up for her and he blew me away! I wanted to play music with him ever since. 

J-I try telling people about your music, but words always fail me. Maybe being from a different planet has something to do with it. How would you describe your music to other earthlings? Who/What are your influences?
G- On the planet Zellum-13 we are able to pick up some of earth’s radio signals and we have come to idolize earthlings such as Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley. Pictures of them are on our currency, as a matter of fact.
N- As Gabe said, we dig the sounds of Dy-lan, Dy-lan, Dy-lan and Dy-lan because he spits hot fire!  

J- You write your own music. Is the songwriting a collaboration of all three of you, or…how does that work?

I typically draw a colorless, outlined sketch and then bring it to the table and we all take up our brushes and water colors and fill in as we collectively see fit.

I come up with insane parts that only other drummers would appreciate, but then I get reprimanded by Gabe and Adam for overplaying, so I resort to playing parts that suit the songs.

J- Any pre-performing rituals you have to go through before playing a show? Any weird alien chants to get the body going before you step on stage?

G- None to speak of really. I just try to not collapse inwardly under the weight of others and my own expectations the best I can with my own will.

J- Austin is a hip and happenin’ place for music. Has living in this specific city given you any advantages that you feel you would be deprived of if you were based somewhere else?

I feel Austin is a very creative place and that directly influences us. It is where we are for some reason and all we can do is take all we can from it and then run away as fast as we can. I’m not really sure that even answered your question…

J- No no, you’re doing fine! So, you have just recorded some new songs. What can we expect from these new snippets of music from The American Spirit? Is there a name for this new collection?
Yes, The James St. Sessions 1. It’s a bit more aggressive, hopefully more raw and with some hints of magic. I’m not saying magic like the world will consider us the second coming…but something very similar to that, though.
N-I am particularly excited about these tracks because we recorded, produced and engineered them ourselves. I’m quite happy with the sounds and takes that we got from each other and our respective instruments. 

 J- Awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on that! What is the next step for The American Spirit?
G- World domination, I believe. I may be missing a step or two but I’m pretty sure I’m not. 

J- Setting those goals high. I like it. And now my typical last question when interviewing great musicians because I love discovering fresh new music…What bands/songs/music are you listening to as of lately?
I’ve been stuck in the 60′s even though I’ve been there only one time.  

J- Haha. Oh, I’m jealous!

I always come back to the music that got me started… Zeppelin, Beatles, Beach Boys, Police, Nirvana, etc… If I were to pick something newer that I think people should check out I’d say As Tall As Lions.  

J- Awesome. Yeah, got to love that stuff. I’ll definitely check out As Tall As Lions. Can’t wait. Thanks again guys!

No problem!  

Alright, so if you want more of The American Spirit go download their first EP “Spaces” for free from their bandcamp site:
Follow them on twitter @spirit_american
And “like” their FB page for updates and to hear their new tunes from the “James Street Session 1″


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  1. Jimmy says:

    Love the group, nice interview as always :)

  2. Zellum Space Ranger 3055 says:

    I have finally found the one you call “Gabe”. I have been pursuing him from the home planet Zellum-13 for many earth years. Lost him at Terra location Santa Barbara disguised as a pre-pubescent human. Now that I have his coordinates, you can rest assured that he will roast in the belly of the Sloar for sure. His next sounds shall be produced from a penal colony! Expect an interruption with your digital downloads.

  3. someone reading your blogs says:

    Showing some love. Great interview.

  4. Jill Jennings says:

    Another great interview, Jade. What I love about them is the insight you give iinto their personalities. They are all obviously talented artists, but with your interviews we see them each as very intelligent and funny individuals. Love your interviews and especially love your blog writing. Superb

  5. Alison says:

    Love how you just roll with the responses Jade. If they’re as spontaneous in their music as with their responses than you’re on to something :) Great job as always.

  6. jill says:

    cool interview! really dig the band and can’t wait to hear the new stuff!

  7. Ryan says:

    always great to learn about new bands and their music. I’ll have to give them a listen!

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