TGIF. This could possibly be the bigger and better than ever installment of our Instagram round ups. For the past seven days, we’ve been exploring the abyss of photographs of trendsetters, bloggers, musicians, and more; staying on high alert to find the amazing photos you missed on this week. Now go take a look, you cool kid.



Dylana Suarez (@dylanasuarez): Happy Friday!!!  

Hell yes. Now that’s what we call summer.



The Coveteur (@thecoveteur): There’s no #tbt better than #UncleJesse.

We’re getting a bit nostalgic. “Forever” anybody?

Reminder to self: Jesse and the Rippers reunion tonight on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We cannot miss this.




Noelle Sciacca (@nono_noelle): 3 separate styles, 3 @luckymagazine editor’s picks to choose from on @threadsence @sequinspandex @maribash

4 words: We love you, Noelle. Your kickass feminine with an edge style got us in a daze and we can’t wait for the TS girl to be rockin’ your picks.




Leaf TV (@leaftv): THE coolest lipstick we’ve seen in awhile, it’s blue, but comes out sheer with a beautiful plum hue. #lipstickqueen by @poppydelevingne #beauty #hellosailor
Alright, alright, this is a major must-have. Where can we get our hands on this NOW?



Lauren Edelstein (@sequinsspandex): sequins & florals! shop my picks on @threadsence .com 
Thanks for the love, Lauren!! We’re crushin’ hard on your TS picks and your awesome downtown chic style!



Laura Ellner (@ontheracks): Smooches!!!  

 Aw, we love you too, Laura.


The Writing (@thewriting): the world is your goddamn oyster #thewriting

Sure is and you better take advantage of it.



Mariko Suzuki (@maribash): #twinsies white dress & green sandals rule  #regram @luckymagazine @elanafishman

We’re lovin’ your summer playful and modern style, Mariko!! White dresses and green sandals are perfection for a summer in the city.



The xx (@the_xx_): Writing. xx The xx

New music from The xx?! We are totally not freaking out.



Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake): First Stop.. #Toronto #TNKids #LOTS 

9 more days until JT and Jay Z in Los Angeles. We literally cannot contain our excitement.



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