Apparently we missed the memo that this week was all about making shit happen. This Instagram round up is obviously the biggest and baddest collection we’ve ever had. So you definitely don’t want to miss the most envy-inducing photos. Prepare for major awesomeness from Sugar and Fluff, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and more.



Elle Magazine (@elleusa): We are wallowing in nostalgia and we are LOVING IT. See why Johnny & Kate are heading for a reunion on now!

Seriously coveting all of this amazingness.



Lena Dunham (@lenadunham): We’re comin’ right back #GIRLS

Excuse us while we bounce off the walls of over excitement.



Rihanna (@rihanna): Mama Africa #safari @gomillionandleupold

Life is not fair. Can we teleport to you? Thanks.



Banksy (@banksyny): :Tribeca

A unique artistic vision at best.



Style Stalker (@style_stalker): Mr. and Mrs. Carter.

We bow down to the masterful couple of music, art, and fashion.



Michelle Madsen (@michelletakeaim): New post on ❤️ | #ootd #fashion #blogger#instafashion #instadaily

Obsessed with your style, Michelle. Style envy.



Sugar and Fluff (@sugarandfluff)@littleblackboots just being #miley and @tarkho being mr Thicke here’s a sneak peek of our #diy costume video coming up

There are not enough words to describe how we feel about this. We need to see the video ASAP.



Connie Wang (@conconwang): With the Porsche 660 Spyder we took up the mountains to Saint Paul. Nyah Nyah @nathanreese

Riding in luxe style. Badass.



Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne): Day 2 @dknyprgirl @donnakarandkny

First she models. Then she sings and acts. And now she plays football? Can this girl not do anything?



Anna Georgia Greenberg (@theagg): Showing the #rockettes a thing or two about #highkicks #beauty #grace cc @instabetch

So that’s how you perfect the Rockettes’ high kick? Duly noted.



Motel Rocks (@motelrocks): #HappyWeekend!

It’s Friday night and we’re about get down. :)



Rita Ora (@ritaora): Talk to the cloak

We’re willing to bet Rita Ora is one of the few that can pull off a cloak of this epic proportion.



Amanda Rae (@amandaxrae): october #doodleaday day 11.

We’re thinking you should be featured on our next Inside the Green Room, Amanda. Your artistic talent is too cool.



The Coveteur (@thecoveteur): Twinning. #tbt

The Olsens will have our hearts always and forever.



Sky Ferreira (@skyferreira): Whatever @petracollins

Work hard. Play hard.


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