What you need:
1 boxed cake mix 1 can of frosting (flavor of your choice)
1 bag of Candy Melts (flavor of your choice)
Cake pop sticks (as many as you want to make)
Sprinkles, Cake decorations of your choice
Mixing Bowl
Styrofoam cups/stand  

What you do:

- Bake a cake by following the directions on the box.
- Break up the cake into fine crumbs in a large bowl
- Mix in the frosting until there is a smooth consistency
- Ball up the cake and frosting mixture
- Place on a wax paper lined cooking sheet/tray  Hint: You can skip all the steps above by using doughnut holes! ;)
- Chill for 10 minutes in the freezer
- Melt the candy melts into a smooth liquid
- Dip cake pop stick into frosting, and place cake balls on top
- Place in the refrigerator until the base frosting hardens
- Dip the cool cake pops, one at a time in the melted frosting and twirl excess frosting off
– Sprinkle on the decorations
- Place each stick in an upside down styrofoam cup or styrofoam stand to dry



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Cheers to 2 Years!


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