I like to lag….a lot. So when it’s December 23rd, you can find me at Rite Aid and the Dollar Tree pillaging for some good ol’ last minute gift wrapping necessities. BUT this year, thanks to Photojojo, I have found the perfect way to wrap presents AWESOMELY while still staying true to my laggy style.



What you need:
- A printer (A LOT of ink)
- Paper (preferably thin paper or regular copy paper)
- Tape
- Scissors
- Ribbons/Bows



STEP 1 – Print your photos. Use your home printer and regular copy paper. Thinner paper works best and is easy to fold around your package. Photo quality paper will be too thick for nice, smooth wrapping.



STEP 2 – Trim the edges of your photo. No borders here. Clean edges give your gifts a professional feel.




STEP 3 – Measure your package. Make sure you have enough paper to cover the entire box. Your neighborhood photocopy place will allow you to print 11” x17” or larger from a USB. 
TIP- print multiples of the same image for larger packages (see step 7). They can be tiled together or overlapped.



STEP 4 – Pay attention to how you want your image placed on the box. No point in putting the most awesome part of your photo on the bottom of the box- put it up top where everyone can see it!



STEP 5 – Go ahead and wrap as you would a normal package, taping the bottom and folding the sides.



STEP 6 – Add a ribbon and voila! A uniquely awesome present that’s just as fun to look at as it is to open!



STEP 7 – Bigger packages? No problem! Tile your image -many smaller images on one page- and print multiple sheets to fit your desired size. Trim the edges and tape the sheets together on the backside before you start to wrap.



STEP 8 – Repeat for all your gifts!

Instructions and Photos via Photojojo


And TADOW. You get gift wrapping that’s personalized AND creative, and it also makes you look pretty legit:




Check out the rest of our DIYs here!


Happy holidays,


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