When you hear the word “slumber party,” usually the first thing that comes to mind is girly board games and truth or dare resulting in awkward prank phone calls. While we have left these things behind in our adulthood (well, except for the prank phone calls…) it doesn’t mean we can’t still plan an awesome slumber party. Here is everything you need for the best adult sleepover ever:

Fort Awesome: For a space worthy of you and your guest’s slumber party (emphasis on the “party”) create an indoor teepee or sleeping area with a ton of blankets and pillows. Bonus points if you deck out your space with sparkling twinkle lights!

Pick Your Poison: Impress your guests by creating a cocktail just for your epic sleepover. We love this grapefruit, rhubard, and thyme cocktail that is as easy to make as it is delicious. In addition to serving your own special drink, keep the party going with a classic drinking game, or if you’re feeling extra creative, create your own!


Nom: Bring the party to the next level with an awesome snack spread containing an assortment of veggies, chips and dips, and sweet treats. Snacks are always an absolute necessity, but that’s also a life motto that doesn’t just apply to sleepovers.

Primp: Get all kinds of girly by busting out your favorite polishes for manicures, applying temporary tattoos, and crafting friendship bracelets.

Kick Out the Jams: What better way to get the party started than with a list of killer tunes? Create a sleepover playlist perfect for girl’s night in with a mix of contemporary jams (cough, HAIM, cough) along with some nostalgic, girl-power classics like Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child.

Put On Your Game Face: Instead of the rounds of Girl Talk and Mall Madness you played at slumber parties back in the day, try a game of Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples. More into video games? Try having a tournament with a round of Guitar Hero or Mario Kart (dibs on Princess Peach!).

: When you awake from a night of way too much fun, you’re going to want to hit the kitchen for breakfast. Did you hear that boom in the distance? That was the sound of your fellow slumber party goers’ minds blowing when you craft these awesome blood orange waffles first thing in the AM. Don’t worry –  you can thank us later.

Now that you have everything you need for an awesome grown-up sleepover, don’t forget to pick up some cute PJ’s and get this party started. We’ll be expecting our invites.

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