Magic Tradeshow came and went in a flash and we’re still reeling over what Las Vegas had to offer us. We took our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram followers with us behind the scenes of all the craziness as they helped us pick out pieces to stock our shop with. But if you weren’t able to join us for the ride, don’t worry, we’ve got a recap for you coming right up.



Pebbles was more than eager to join us this year in the City of Sin, so we put her on the plane with us and off we went. She called dibs on the window seat, obvi.



First things first once we landed: drinks. Can’t have a crazy few days without getting a little loose and warmed up!



(Pebbles felt the same way.)



MINKPINK had our hearts skipping a beat with their booth decor. Definitely got us excited for what the rest of the booths had in store for us!


Pebbles got a little flirting in with the amazing Gypsy Junkies designer (aka the ultimate Gypsy) Marcus Paglialonga.

Beach Riot moved up in our books of coolness (even though they were already pretty close to the top) with their rad signage and super adorable girls.



Of course, there was no way we could miss stopping by Stela 9′s booth to visit our girl Jess. Pebbles had a great time hanging out with her while we shopped her AMAZING bags. Seriously, she never ceases to amaze us.


Who’s cuter? Jenn or Pebbles? We think it’s a tie.



Through all of our shopping and searching, we managed to find the perfect pieces for your wardrobes, coming soon to the site! Get excited.




We can’t ever go to Vegas without a little bit of playtime.

‘Til next time MAGIC!






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