Who: Infectious electro summer night jammin duo Jill Lamoureux and Dan Mufson.


Scene: Los Angeles, CA


Sounds like: Hey – it’s never too late to have another summer anthem, but “Lost” might just leave all the rest in the dust. Jill’s bazooka bubbly yet soft and sensual vocals are hand in glove with Dan’s sweet/intoxicating synth smorgasbord. With their forces combined, it’s like getting bum rushed by an army of sexy synth pop jams. I couldn’t get enough of it even if I wanted to.


Why they’re awesome: Uh, these guys only have ONE song and I’m already too hooked. That’s gotta be a record or something. I mean, that alone should be reason enough to check these guys out. They’ve got a single that’s as brilliant as anything on the mainstream current these days, so you can imagine what they can do with an entire album (or even an EP?!). Where’s the waiting list? Sign me up.


Annnnd if you’re in the LA area, be sure to catch them at The Hotel Cafe for the first live show EVER on Sept. 18! Make it happen.




Get a little more lost:
Official Site



Getting lost,

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