A quick round up of the whirlwind that was New York Fashion Week. From dinners to drinks to lunches inside the Lincoln Center (yeah, we ate sandwiches inside – and they were amazing) to brunches to more dinners, oh yeah, and of course there was a bit of fashion thrown in there somewhere – everything was amazing and crazy. We loved every minute of it, but we’re glad to be back on home turf. Here’s a very quick snapshot of what went down.



New York, you look good, kid.



Next time, we’re bringing Pebbles.







Best part of Fashion Week? Running into everyone we love, especially Erica and Dave of LP Fashion Philosophy & Stacey of devorelebeaumonstre.



Chanelle of The Penelope Times



Two of our favorite blondes, Blair & Liz at Lincoln Center



Marc of 90s district



Shea of Cheyenne Meets Chanel


Rumi of Fashiontoast & Bryanboy



Our first real New York Pizza from Gotham Pizza – NY Pizza is everything we dreamed.



Rachel Zoe hosting a show



Our visit at the Modern Vice Factory was ah-mazing.¬†Jordan and Jensen are absolutely incredible people. Jordan’s passion radiates and is more contagious than anything. ;) Much, MUCH more to come about this factory.



Caylee of If You Seek Style, Natalie of Natalie Off Duty, Liz of Late Afternoon, & Jordan of Modern Vice showin’ off their JETTS.



There was some major bromance action going on in this factory.



If you ever get the chance to go to The Halal Guy, you must. It’s melt-your-face-off good.



Art we were tempted to steal from Williamsburg (You know we can’t go to NY without at least one visit.)



We ended our trip with a brunch at Jane. They make a mean Bloody Mary – perfect hangover cure.



And for the record, brunch with some of our favorite people is the best way to end a trip. Olivia of Lust for Life, Rachel of Stylestalker, and Raych of That’s Chic and also reppin’ blog. Ha.




We plead the fifth on all the debauchery that occurred. ‘Til next season!



More to come!




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