It’s the day after a long night of ringing in the new year which maybe/probably/definitely included one too many alcoholic beverages. Don’t worry, we’ve been there (and may or may not be suffering right now also…). Luckily for all of us, we did our research beforehand and found some quick and easy hangover cures that will hopefully help you make it through the rest of the year (or at least the rest of today).

Hangover Cure #1: Water

Let’s all let out one big fat collective DUHHHH for this one. But as obvious as this little hangover cure may seem, few of us have enough brainpower to realize how helpful this can be. Chug down that water like your life depends on it. Which it kind of does.

Hangover Cure #2: Ginger Tea or Green Tea

Tea is your best friend, especially when you’re feeling incredibly nauseous. It soothes an upset stomach like magic, and we’re not sure how we would survive without it. If you don’t like the taste of tea, go for some plain tea with honey.

Hangover Cure #3: Bananas

Last night’s beverage consumption probably wiped out your body’s supply of potassium, so you’re gonna need some bananas right now, buddy. Right. Now.

Hangover Cure #4: Breakfast

We know, we know. You have zero energy right now. But trust us, you NEED to eat SOMETHING. Preferably a good breakfast with some scrambled eggs and veggies. But if that’s still too much effort, get some cereal, at least.

Hangover Cure #5:  Do Nothing

Turn your phone off. Ignore everyone. Refuse to get out of bed. The year just started, you can’t have important things to do already, right?


Hangover No More,


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