Our winter lookbook, High Society Rebel, has been unleashed and a week later we’re still reeling over how unbelievably FAB it is. We knew boho glam was what we were going for, but Kat’s styling genius, once again, took it to a whole new level of glammed out and fabulous. We sat down with her for another edition of Sit Down with our Stylist to learn a little bit about the vision, the shoot, and the main homegirl, Kate.   

Explain the inspiration and the story behind this lookbook for us.

We were really inspired from the iconic movie “Pretty Woman” and wanted to take that story line and make it our own. This wild child doing her thing in a glamorous setting, while still being herself.

Where/who did you draw inspiration from for the styling of this lookbook? 

The styling of this lookbook was definitely inspired by our more boho glam girls where wearing velvet, sequins, and fur during the day is totally acceptable.

Can you tell us a little bit about the location?

I swear San Diego is our new go to spot when it comes to shooting lookbooks. We’ve shot our past two lookbooks there and I’m loving it! This time around we shot at The US Grant hotel where every single room you walked in was drop dead gorgeous. The velvet blue couches, crystal chandeliers, and intricate detailed walls added the whole luxurious vibe that we were going for.
How was it working with the model, Kate Potter? (We can’t get over her AMAZING hair)

The day of the shoot, Kate walked in to get her hair and makeup done and I swear the girl was ready to shoot without any work needed. She was just that stunning, but Sparkle (h&m artist) really highlighted Kate’s features. Her hair, freckles, eyes…..I mean the girl rocked every look. I swear she made my job easy as a stylist.

Two favorite outfits from the lookbook?

1) The first outfit from the lookbook was definitely a favorite for me. I love the high slit and the deep red tone of the printed maxi dress, especially with the killer knee high boots peeking out.

2) Another outfit that I loved was the look next to the grand piano. Hello amazing sequin maxi skirt! The skirt itself was such a statement piece that I wanted to tone down the look with just a simple graphic tank. I think it made the look feel more relate-able.

Describe your ultimate glammed out ensemble.

I don’t really dress up much and if I do its still with the usual black jeans and possibly a fancier top, depending where I’m going of course. But if I could imagine my ultimate glammed out ensemble it would definitely involve embellishments upon embellishments ;) .

If you could sit in bed and eat one thing for the entire day, what would it be?

DONUTS. Yah that scene from the lookbook was a dream come true for me. I had no problem “cleaning up” the mess….may have taken a few bites here and there.

What are you MOST excited for this winter?

I’m most excited about the cold weather, whenever that is….I feel like Southern California is still stuck in summer and has yet to hit fall. All I want to do is wear chunky sweaters and cute coats.

Thanks Kat!!

Peace Out Pretty Woman,

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