Another lookbook means another sit down with our stylist, Kat Bonus, to learn how the shoot went down and how it all came together. We don’t really need to remind you how amazing the styling was (as per usual), but we will anyway. Kat’s styling genius took our lookbook, Inspiration Never Sleeps, and turned it into a bohemian fall wardrobe dream.


Explain the inspiration and the story behind this lookbook for us.

The story behind this lookbook all came from inspirational images that created a story of a musician and capturing her “off duty day” through photos. We wanted the lookbook to not feel so posy and editorial, but more lifestyle with the model constantly on the go – following her throughout the city. I love how the photos turned out and how it felt very much laidback, until the last shot where you finally get to see her perform.


Where did you get inspiration for the styling?

The inspiration of the styling was quite easy and fun to do. We wanted the looks to feel effortless, yet unique. She’s not just an ordinary chick of course, so it called for metallics, sequins, as well as fun prints to make her stand out.


How was it working with Natalie? Any funny stories?

I think it’s safe to say that Natalie made everybody’s jobs easier the day of the shoot. She killed it in the photos, acted on camera like she’s been doing it her whole life, and made every outfit come to life. By the end of the day she made me want the clothes even more! She really embraced the whole rock star off duty persona. Overall she was just a fun babe to work with – she was down to earth and super entertaining. A new phrase that neither I nor my styling assistant can’t seem to get out of our heads, thanks to Natalie, is “Hilar” – “You guys are so HILAR.” Haha it was so cute every time she used it that it’s a normal thing to say now ;) .


Did you enjoy shooting in San Diego?

San Diego is a beautiful city that I’ve always enjoyed going to, but this past shoot made me love it even more! Got to shoot at places that I’ve never been before and the fact that everyone is so chill makes it an ideal location to shoot at ;) .


Can you tell us a little bit about the loft? That bull’s head decor is AMAZING.

We seriously could have done the entire shoot in the loft because of how eccentric and cool the overall look of the place was. The bull’s head was definitely one of my favorite pieces in the place, but what you don’t get to see is the amazing planters along the wall as soon as you walk in, the quirky rugs and light fixtures, as well as the balcony that was full of cacti and succulents. We added in a few props, like the throws and pillows to give it more of a bohemian oasis, but other than that everything was perfect as is.


Which location was your favorite from the shoot? (The loft, the bookstore, the streets, the record store, or the club)

Favorite location from the shoot had to be the club, Bang Bang. Loved the décor of the place with the lantern ceilings, black and white tiled staircase, GIANT disco ball (largest one I’ve seen till this day), and the oh so famous Ryan Gosling bathroom (not seen in photos). The scenes shot at Bang Bang were the last scenes of the lookbook, so it was the big finale of the shoot which made everything much more exciting.


Favorite outfit from the lookbook?

Ah, this is always hard trying to narrow down to my fav outfit from the lookbook, but if I had to choose one it was the bookstore outfit. Those amazing tie dye flares paired with the cotton kaftan was a match made in heaven haha. They were kind of made for each other; we added a thermal with beautiful embroidery along the sleeves, to make the look feel more layered. Also, topped it off with a deep burgundy fedora to break up the orange and ivory colors from the outfit.


What are you most excited to wear this fall?

Beanies!! I’m so excited to start wearing them once the weather starts to cool down here. Easily throw them on to dress down an outfit, or when you run out of time in the morning to do your hair ;) .


Are there any songs right now that you’re currently rocking out to?

Yes! I seriously cannot get enough of Lorde and her single Royals. It’s always on the radio, but I have yet to get annoyed. Another guilty pleasure is Ariana Grande (shhh) – that girl can kill it. She reminds me of a younger Mariah Carey.

Lastly, when you’re not an “on-duty stylist” what do you enjoy doing in your off-time?

When I’m not a stylist I enjoy being a mommy to my little girl and spending that quality time with her and my boyfriend. You can easily find us at a local flea/farmers market or just relaxing at the beach. Love lazy weekends – we live for them!


Thanks Kat!!

Do your duty,

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  1. Jennifer says:

    This is by far my favorite lookbook!

    xo Jennifer

    p.s. Check out my Chicastic giveaway!

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