Spring is such a tease. One moment you find yourself swapping your anorak for a tank top, and the next, spring is like, psych!– pouring rain. But despite the ups and downs, we’d say spring is on our good side; it does lead to summer, after all! Seeing as we’re officially in spring territory now, we’d better start making the most of the blue skies and warm weather we’re given (and maybe learn to get down with the occasional drizzle, too). If you’re on-board with a little carpe diem, here are ten activities every #TSaddict should cross off her list this spring:

1. Go festival crazy. You know we couldn’t make a spring bucket list without mentioning the glory of festival season. We hope you’ll stock up on flower crowns and distressed shorts, and hit as many as you can this season! It’s scientifically impossible regret rockin’ out to your fave bands.


2. Plant something. Even if your green thumb is pretty much non-existent, spring is a good time to see if it’s possible for you to, like, keep a plant alive. Try planting seeds in your backyard or buying some flowers for your kitchen (maybe it’ll inspire you to cook for once?). If nothing else, you can at least purchase a succulent; those babies are pretty much indestructible.


3. Pack for a picnic. Grab some cheese, bread, and you BFF for a picnic in the park. Spring weather is warm enough for you to eat outdoors, and cool enough to not melt your face off, making it the ideal picnic season. Don’t forget the blanket (or the flask).

4. Find the perfect swimsuit. It may not be summer yet, but the weather’s warming up and the first pool parties and beach days will start popping up before you know it. Get prepped with a new swimsuit so you can dive in ASAP or at least start plotting how you’ll make that sexy lifeguard notice you.


5. Clean out that closet. We know, it’s a sucky job, but we promise it’ll be way easier to style your favorite pieces with old items out of the way. Plus, when you make room in your closet, you’ll feel like a shopping spree is justified. Less guilt and more clothing? We’re so there.


6. Hit the mat. Unwind with some yoga this season, whether you attempt to learn the poses at home or take a class with your coworker at a local studio. Not only will you relieve stress and strengthen that bod, but you’ll get to wear super-cute yoga clothing and stop for froyo on the way home.


7. Go wine tasting. An afternoon devoted to your favorite drink? Done! Plan a weekend roadtrip to a vineyard, or find a local place to sip the day away. Pro Tip: We’d suggest wearing black in case of spillage. We learned the hard way.


8. Show some skin. With the warmer weather coming your way, now’s the time to start experimenting with crop tops, shorts, and cutouts. If you’re wary about testing the crop top trend, we’ve got some tips to help you ease on in. You’ll join us in mutual obsessage in no time.


9. Visit the farmers market. Get your health nut on by stocking up on local fruits and veggies. Tis the season for trying new recipes, making smoothies, and throwing together big-ass salads. And it all falls in line with the whole finding-a-swimsuit thing.


10. Get crafty. Make time for some DIYs this spring! If you’re low on ideas, follow us on Pinterest for some inspiration. For those of you who aren’t sold on the whole DIY thing, keep in mind that the money you save by making your own stuff can be put towards important things, like shoes and wine.


What’s on your spring bucket list?


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