Now that you’ve gotten your drank on with our favorite boozy concoctions, here are three more festive recipes to add to your St. Patrick’s Day arsenal. This time, we’re all about the desserts, and with ingredients like Baileys, Guinness, and Girl Scout cookies, we figure there’s no possible way they aren’t the tastiest thing since Dunkin Donuts moved to SoCal.


Baileys and Coffee Blondies

You know what they say – don’t mess with perfection. But why not try, when you can make blondies even better with a hint of espresso and a¬†splash (or two) of Baileys?

Boozy Guinness Pretzel Truffles

Sweet, salty, and a little boozy. Our winning combo in our eyes.

Lucky Leprechaun Cookie Bark

We’re already missing that last box of Girl Scout cookies we finished off last night. Get your Thin Mint fix with this cookie bark.


Want even more tasty goodness? Find more food and drink recipes here. And make sure to check our March Style Agenda for a daily dose of outfit inspiration throughout the month.


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