Sucré x Invisible Children is a beautiful thing. When two of your favorite influences team up, it’s some kind of magical, I tell ya. Earlier this month, we interviewed Kenny Laubbacher to tell you a little bit about his work with Invisible Children, and now we’re happy to be able to show you a bit more. Kenny teamed up with Sucre and filmed and edited this amazing video to raise awareness for Invisible Children, which again, is an organization that aims to end the abduction of innocent children forced into fighting while rebuilding schools and provide education and jobs in northern Uganda. You should really check them out if you haven’t already.


image via Sucre Diaries


Sucré is the solo project of Stacy King (Eisley), produced by Darren King (Mutemath) and Jeremy Larson (composer for a ton of awesome people…also happens to be Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess‘s husband). It’s like a dreamchild made in musical heaven. Sucré’s record debuts on April 10 and we are extremely, extremely excited for it.


Here’s enough links to keep you busy for a while:

Invisible Children’s blog

Invisible Children’s twitter
Invisible Children Music’s Facebook

Sucre’s Twitter

Sucre’s Facebook
Sucre’s Youtube


I never had to worry, When we were young,



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  1. King Cobble says:

    very good article,thanks!

  2. Truth says:

    It’s too bad they’re making music from the comfort of their first world country to support the children of Uganda, and not actually going there and personally making any difference. I suppose they won’t be donating any miniscule amount of their album sales to the cause either…

  3. Todd says:

    @Truth- Are you a jackass in person, or just on the internet? People like you make the web so depressing sometimes.
    Can you pause your cynicism for one second of your life and consider what “raising awareness” means? They made the video to alert more people in hopes that more funds will be sent and that, yes, hopefully some people will actually go help in person. So if just one person sees the music video, and goes to and donates $5, does that make a difference? Or if 50 people see it, and 20 of them collectively give $100, would that help anyone? Or if 7,000 people see it, which has happened on youtube, and 1,000 people give $10,000, and it increases the odds of people helping in person, have they made a difference?
    The answer to my rhetorical questions is YES, ya jackass. Try being less pessimistic someday.

  4. TS says:


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