SXSW 2014: Top 10 Bands

March 7th, 2014 | Music


SXSW ain’t your average festival, so much so that I can’t actually call it a festival. And calling it a convention just doesn’t cut it. But ‘an entire week of awesome bands and awesome people joining together to awesome all over the place’? That’ll do. SXSW is pretty much every showgoer’s dream setup: a downtown filled with bars, booze, and live music. There are no “main” stages, just venues and parties every single direction you look. There are way too many acts to even list, both official and unofficial, so I’m just gonna list the top ten artists I’ll be hoping to catch next week.


BANKS – Well this one’s a no-brainer. But if you must know, BANKS is a serial killer when it comes to murdering beats and melodies. I’d most certainly love to be caught in her line of fire.



Angel Olsen – Not only does she have insane vocal capabilities, but she’s also a badass and a megababe – all the things we could ever hope for in an indie folk rocker.



Ghost Loft – I don’t really know all that much about these guys…is it even more than one person? Who knows. Their sick chillwave tracks are too damn sexy to have any kind of identity behind it.



London Grammar – Angelic, ethereal, and all-things-wonderful. That’s the only way you can describe the beauty that is LG’s music. Hannah Reid has a voice that stares you right in the soul and you just never ever want it to stop.



The Preatures – They’ve got such soul and almighty radness in their rocked out tunes. Here’s to hoping their live set pack as much of a punch as their recorded songs.



Panama – These Aussies know how to write a catchy tune, that’s for sure. Listening to them makes me want to drive all night long with no end in sight, like one endless victory lap across the world. Some powerful stuff.



The Electric Sons – Look at those handsome devils. Are you wondering if their music matches their smoldering good looks? You’re goddamn right they do. Check ‘em out for a truly spectacular live set (filled with shit tons of yelling, jumping, and wildin’ out).



Johnny Stimson – This man makes my heart smile. His tunes are like Portland on a sunny day, groovy and unbelievably fresh. You’ll be dancing all night long to his sweet electric jams.



SOHN – There’s something quite magical that happens whenever SOHN produces a track. Whether it’s creating beautifully heavy tracks like BANKS’s ‘Waiting Game’ or putting his own minimalist touch on Disclosure’s ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’….it’s plain, simple magic.



– She’s so incredibly sick that the flu can’t even live up to the hype. With silky smooth vocals and enough attitude to shut down an entire city, MØ will have you on your knees begging for more.



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