Treasure Island Music Festival Mixtape

October 12th, 2012 | Music, Mixtapes

Treasure Island Music Festival is this weekend and you know what that means…stark naked happy dancing gangnam style. Just kidding. It’s another mixtape.

Stay Tuned: Shiny and New

October 10th, 2012 | Music, Mixtapes

You guys. So many good singles were released this week. It’s a mixtape’s wet dream come true. Commence desk dancing and flailing about…

Abbot Kinney Festival Mixtape

October 5th, 2012 | Music, Mixtapes

How I have never heard of the Abbot Kinney Festival is beyond me because there are many, many reasons why this festival is awesome. First of all it’s FREE, second of all…

Stay Tuned: Get Down Tonight

October 3rd, 2012 | Music, Mixtapes

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m doubley stoked for silent disco at Treasure Island music festival next week, or the fact that it’s almost lunch and I can’t wait to eat the turkey sandwich I made, regardless, I’m in a dancey mood.

Heart of a Lion

September 29th, 2012 | Reviews, Music

Oh Griswolds, how I have missed you in the past few months. Heart of a Lion features four songs from the wacky feel-awesome dudes. In addition to “Heart of a Lion” and “Mississippi,” the EP unleashes two new songs that most definitely stay true to The Griswolds’ upbeat summer pop sound.

The Mosh Pit: Beach House and Dustin Wong at The Wiltern

September 28th, 2012 | Shows, Music

It was exactly four years ago that I discovered the delicious dream pop sensation that is Beach House. I’ve been heavily lagging on actually catching them live, but thank the music gods they had a sold out two night stint at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. So enough lagging, let’s go on with the show, shall we?

The Mosh Pit: Dragonette, The Knocks, and Frank + Derol at El Rey Theatre

September 27th, 2012 | Shows, Music

It was about time I popped my El Rey Theatre cherry and I’m so stoked I did it with Dragonette. They definitely rocked my world this past Tuesday night, and there was some really nice foreplay action with Frank + Derol and The Knocks. I couldn’t have asked for a better night.


September 25th, 2012 | Reviews, Music

If you’re into electronic sugary fire bubblegum pop, then Canadian dance-pop outfit Dragonette is your go-to band. Seemingly always filled with endless energy and electrifying synths, Dragonette packs a mean punch that never fails to jumpstart your body into full-on wavey, dancey, fist pumpy glory.

Inside the Green Room: The Electric Sons

September 20th, 2012 | Music, Inside The Green Room

You guys. We don’t think you truly understand how much we’re into Andrew Miller and Ben Richards, a.k.a. The Electric Sons. They have more than just catchy hooks and pristine sound production, they have that something that most bands spend all their lives trying to chase down.

Stay Tuned: Keep It Going

September 19th, 2012 | Music, Mixtapes

This week, we’ve been on some serious lookbook hype, and these tracks have definitely helped amp us up…

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