With summer just around the corner, the office seems like a tough place to be without a summer vacation plan. What better way to cure the office blues with a weekend getaway to unwind and refresh ourselves. Here are our top mini vacation spots that are sure to bring you just the right amount of relaxation and fun.

5.  San Diego

Ahhhh Sandy Eggo. Just about a two hour drive from Los Angeles makes this destination ideal for a breezy weekend getaway. San Diego has a wonderful mixture from of sunny beaches, eccentric bars in downtown, upscale venues in Pacific Beach, to must-eat-Mexican food joints scattered around city.

4. Catalina Island

Catalina Island is almost like our Mini Hawaii-esque vacation. The island is about 22 miles off the coast of Southern California, and will take around 1.5 hours via Ferry to arrive. The ferry will cost you $74 round trip which beats a $500 plane fee to Hawaii, or go for free on your birthday!  If you are looking to snorkel and swim with the fish, kick up an adreneline rush on their 1,100 feet long zip line, or bike next the breathtaking ocean view, this is absolute the place to be.

3. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is about 1.5 hour drive from Los Angeles which makes this place a short but sweet vacation spot to visit for the weekend. SB is known for their natural scenic views, botanical gardens, a plethora of wineries and historical landmarks like the Santa Barbara Mission.  How perfect does a weekend of history, culture, and wine sound?

 2. Palm Springs


Palm Springs may be popular destination thanks to a certain music festival, but when that festival isn’t around it’s the perfect spot for a spontaneous road trip with the girls. Plus, it’s far enough from LA (approx. 2 hours) for it to feel like it’s own little paradise, free from all the worries you hold in your city. Lay out by the pool, have some drinks, lay out some more… what could be better?

1. San Francisco

And then there was San Francisco. What can we say about this amazing city that hasn’t already be said? The food, the sights, the people, everything about this place is serious perfection. It’s the farthest of our mini vacay destination, but well worth the 6 hour drive.

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What your favorite mini-vacay spots in your area?


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