Last week I attended the second round of SJ Eats with Melissa and my other housemate, Jessie. SJ Eats is a super foodie event held in downtown San Jose where all the Bay area food trucks/carts gather in downtown SJ and sell food. The event itself is free so you can go just to chill and max out with all the hypebeasts (similar to hipsters, often identified wearing a combination of fitted caps and Nike SBs). The first event was held in April and had over 10,000 hungry hungry attendees, which apparently ended up in disaster with long wait times and horrific lines. However, the second round went rather smoothly with only 4,000 attendees this time around, lines were organized and there was more room to run freely and nom nomz away.  

                                                           Once you see kreepy karaoke server….

I <3 Jessie’s uber cute totoro backpack

MoGo tacos: Chicken, Pork, and Short Rib!! Mmmm

MoGo Dirty Dog: wrapped in bacon, topped with kimchi, jack n cheddar cheese, spicy chipotle sauce, fresh lettuce/cabbage slaw tossed in signature vinaigrette 100% beef and 100% nomz

Toasty Melts

Smoked gouda, cheddar and jack grilled cheese

Tip: Go order right before they close shop and try to get something for free…like I did with this soup haaaa

The only suggestion I have is for SJ Eats to buy a liquor license. What food event is complete without beer? NONE. Though my housemates and I got lucky and sought refuge at a bar located just 1 min away…so on second thought, maybe the event is already perfect as is (unless it moves).

Gaga dog approves of this blog post

Thank you Gaga dog,



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  1. Maggie says:

    you just really made me crave a grilled cheese and tomatoe soup so bad!!

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